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Advanced search options – Find companies and people with a detailed search!
Find business partners, potential employers and service providers quickly and easily. Use all of the features in the advanced search or stay up to date with your network by using the extensive Power Search.
Visitors to your profile – Find out who has looked at your page.
Find out who has visited your profile or your "About me" page and how they found you. Contact these people directly. This will allow you to generate valuable new contacts or get back in touch with old ones.
Private Messages – Get in touch with members you're not connected to!
Have you found a potential business partner? Send a message to get the ball rolling and get in touch. You can do it all quickly and securely (SSL encrypted), even if you don't know the e-mail address.
XING Top Deals – Take advantage of all special offers from our partners and get the best deals.
Get exclusive access to numerous special offers from well-known companies. Take advantage of all of the Top Deals and discounts available through our advantage program XING Best Offers.
XING profile with no ads – and many other exclusive Premium advantages
Make your XING profile look even more professional with no ads and enjoy Premium advantages like more space in the contact request, more visible search results, and much more.
Document upload – add more information about yourself to your profile!
Share more of yourself! Now you can add “References & awards” attachments to your profile. Potential clients or employers now have a more detailed insight into the work you've done.

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