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Interesting event in Frankfurt 27th/28th September

Thinking Afrika anew - Afrika neu denken

Especially for those living around Frankfurt it is a great opportunity to meet, share and interact with others who have good ideas for Africa and Africans.
Check out the website: http://www.afrika-im-zentrum.de/

Reservations should be directly made to: hausamdom@bistum-limburg.de
Please also post via mail, twitter, facebook etc

Besonders für Interessenten aus Frankfurt und Umgebung noch eine kurzfristige Möglichkeit, sich mit anderen über gute Ideen für Afrika und Afrikaner/innen auszutauschen.
Bitte per Mail oder Facebook, Twitter posten.
Neben den Flyern ist der Link zum Event: http://www.afrika-im-zentrum.de/

Anmeldungen bitte per Mail gleich an: hausamdom@bistum-limburg.de

Ernst H. Schaefer Ernst H. Schaefer PremiumModerator

Car-Tyre-Recycling-Plants for Sale

Regarding our connection through the African Development Group, I like to send some information about our technologies. My name is Ernst Schaefer, working as a promoter for a producer of a state of the art car tyre recycling plant together with a partner situated in South Africa for Pyrum Innovation ESC GmbH since 2012.

When Pyrum Innovations moved from a laboratory study to a functioning and feasible installation, we started to support Pyrum Innnovations carefully distributed to companies which have the capacity to afford the reasonable license fee and invest into installations, - on country or regional level.

We are looking for industrial or privat vendees to build units worldwide, each unit will provide more than 25 local jobs. In any case, here we can clearly talk about a win-win situation. We like to introduce Pyrum Innovations to you.

There is no competitor in the market which would be able to be nearly emission-free, self-sustainable and producing fully recycled base materials. All competitors have downsides in these regards.

The numbers at the business plan and the investment case stands for his own and will be very difficult to find an industrial investment with this ROI! In Africa we make already progess in South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria and in the Senegal and in The Gambia.

The first Plant will start by 2013. Please don't hesitate for contacting me regarding technical information and questions of sale. Best regards, Ernst H. Schaefer