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Solar Power for Brazil

Happy about the agreement: Antonio Vituri (Financial Director Eletrosul), Eurides Mescolotto
(President of Eletrosul), Helmut Gauges (Director General KfW Entwicklungsbank),
Rüdiger Hartmann (Director KfW Entwicklungsbank). Source: KfW
Brazil is increasingly focusing on the use of solar electricity. In Florianópolis in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, the largest grid-connected photovoltaic system thus far in the country is being built. These systems are being installed on the roofs and parking spaces of the state energy supplier Electrosul and will be completed by the end of this year. With a peak capacity of one megawatt (one MWp) and an annual electricity generation of 1,200 megawatt hours, the system will be able to feed five times as much electricity into the national supply grid as all other current solar systems in Brazil combined.

KfW Entwicklungsbank is supporting the construction of this solar facility on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment with EUR 2.8 million. A financing agreement has been signed with Eletrosul at the KfW Berlin branch. Representatives of the Brazilian embassy, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) were present at the signing.

Tremendous Opportunities
The tremendous opportunities that Brazil's sun offers to produce electricity have been too little used. The country can catch up a lot in this respect. The location in Brazil that receives the least sunlight still has a 40 per cent higher level of solar radiation than the location in Germany with the most days of sunlight. Nevertheless, the use of solar energy in Brazil is thus far underdeveloped due to lack of financing and unclear framework conditions. The total installed capacity of grid-connected photovoltaics is currently only 0.2 MWp. In comparison: alone in 2010 an additional 7,408 MWp were installed in Germany.

With the pilot project KfW Entwicklungsbank and Electrosul want to focus stronger public and political attention on the use of electricity from solar power as alternative to fossil energy resources. This will help pave the path for sustainable development of solar energy in Brazil. Further supporters of the project are the GIZ and the Brazilian non-governmental organisation "Instituto IDEAL", which advises on the marketing of solar electricity and the training of technicians. The project supports the implementation of the German-Brazilian energy agreement, which was signed by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazil's President Ignacio Lula da Silva in May 2008. In the process Brazil will from Germany's decades of experience in the promotion and development of renewable energies. Both countries will thus make a contribution to global climate protection.

Starting Point for a Stronger Commitment
For KfW Entwicklungsbank, the innovative pilot project is the starting point for a stronger commitment in the Brazilian solar energy sector. Already additional funds to promote solar energy have been pledged as part of the Initiative for Climate Change and Environmental Protection (IKLU) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Solar systems will be constructed on the roofs of several soccer stadiums so at the World Cup 2010 soccer fans, visitors and spectators will be able to see how clean energy can be attained from solar power. Source: Kfw

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Cabo Verde: Technical Assistance for Revenue Modeling and Financial Sustainability

Informação Geral

País: Cabo Verde
Data de publicação: 28 de Set, 2011
Prazo: 5 de Out, 2011
Agência financiadora: Millennium Challenge Account
Idioma Original: Inglês

Contact Information
Address: Maria de Lourdes Salazar da Silva
Ministry of Finance and Planning
Avenida Amilcar Cabral, CP 30
Praia- Cape Verde
Telephone: (238) 2624973

Original Text:




Technical Assistance for Revenue Modeling and Financial Sustainability
for the proposed Cape Verde Land Management for Investment Project

The Republic of Cape Verde (“Cape Verde”) has been declared eligible for a poverty reduction grant from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”), a United States Government corporation. In connection therewith, the Government of the Republic of Cape Verde (the “Government” or “GoCV”) has proposed certain activities to be funded by MCC which, pending the successful outcome of diligence, negotiations, the availability of funds, and governmental approvals may result in a compact between the Government and MCC. Pursuant to Section 609(g) of the Millennium Challenge Act, as amended, MCC and the Government have signed an agreement (the “609(g) Agreement”) wherein MCC has provided the Government a grant (the “609(g) Grant”) to facilitate the development and implementation of a Compact. The Government intends to apply a portion of the 609(g) Grant to eligible payments under a contract for which the Request for Proposals is issued. .In furtherance of the development of the proposed Land Management for Investment Project, the Ministry requires the services of an individual consultant to provide the following services:

Summary of Services:
Work under this contract will focus on analyzing the long term sustainability of the proposed unified property rights registration system and provide recommendations which can be integrated into the final project design prior to Entry Into Force of the proposed Compact project.

The general objective of the tasks in the Terms of Reference is to produce a financial model (in spread sheet format) that demonstrates the financial and revenue mechanisms by which the project’s sustainability can be achieved. This financial model will
1) demonstrate how the operations of a new land information system can be sustained, and how the system’s continued usage and information reliability will be sustained, and
2) recommend specific approaches to how the drivers of this sustainability can be implemented.

Location: City of Praia, Cape Verde and at the consultant’s home office.
Anticipated Start Date: November 30th, 2012
Duration of Assignment: 60 days (full time)
The Ministry of Finance and Planning now invites eligible individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. The required qualifications for the Individual Consultant to be considered are indicated in the TOR (Attachment 1). Among other requirements, these qualifications include no less than 8 years’ experience in land administration and land services delivery programs in developing countries, fluency in Portuguese and good knowledge of English, and no conflict of interest.
A complete set of Instruction document, including the Terms of Reference (TOR), in English may be requested by the interested Individual Consultants in writing to the address below. The document will be sent in PDF format by e-mail.
Before applying, interested consultants should review the Terms of Reference (TOR) that describes the assignment in detail.

The selection shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 1.B. of the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines (PPG), which are available on the “Business & Procurements” page of the MCC website ( The selected consultant will sign a contract (Attachment 2) on the basis of a fixed price/fee plus expenses.

Interested Individual Consultants are requested to send their responses, which should include an expression of interest to be considered for the assignment, date of availability, an updated CV showing the minimum requirements in compliance with the attached TOR, contact details (i.e., address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, website, etc.), at least three references that can comment on the consultant’s related work experience, and any other relevant information.

Interested individuals consultants may obtain further information from the e-mail addresses below, during office hours 08:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 16:00 Cape Verde Local Time, from Monday to Friday.

Deadline for submission of the Responses in the standard Expression of Interest format (Forms 1 and 2 attached hereto) should be addressed to the Procurement Agent at the e-mail address indicated below by October 5th, 2011, 13H00 Cape Verde local time.

National Directorate of Planning
Ministry of Finance and Planning
Attn: Ms Maria de Lourdes Salazar da Silva
Avenida Amilcar Cabral, CP 30
Praia, Republic of Cape Verde

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País: Cabo Verde
Data de publicação: 29 de Set, 2011
Prazo: 14 de Nov, 2011
Agência de fundos: Banco Mundial
Idioma Original: Francês

Résumé du Projet

La République du Cap Vert a reçu un crédit de l’Association internationale de développement (IDA), et a l’intention d’utiliser une partie du montant de ce crédit pour effectuer les paiements au titre du contrat suivant Mission de Contrôle pour les travaux de la Réhabilitation et asphaltage de la route Praia – Cidade Velha.

Les services comprennent les activités de contrôle et de surveillance des travaux , de façon à assurer une bonne exécution, préparation et remise à l’Administration des rapports mensuels d’avancement et du rapport final.

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Dívida dos PALOP com o Estado Português ascende a 1764 milhões de euros.

A dívida dos Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa (PALOP) ao Estado português registou, no ano passado, o maior crescimento em 15 anos, aumentando para 1764 milhões de euros, no final de 2010. Cabo Verde é o terceiro dos PALOP com maior percentagem de dívida a Portugal.
Face ao ano anterior, Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde, Guiné-Bissau e São Tomé e Príncipe somaram mais 201 milhões de euros em dívida a Portugal, ou seja, mais 12,9%, mostram dados hoje revelados pelo Banco de Portugal (BdP) num documento sobre a evolução das economias nos PALOP e em Timor Leste.

Já a dívida directa ao Estado caiu, no ano passado, 13 milhões de euros, uma tendência que já se verificou em 2009.

Angola é, dos cinco países, aquele com a maior fatia da dívida, cerca de 60%, equivalente a 1056 milhões de euros. O aumento foi de 62 milhões de euros.

Moçambique é o segundo país com o maior valor total de dívida ao Estado português. De 2009 para 2010, registou um aumento de 65 milhões de euros. Este crescimento resulta da utilização de linhas de crédito acordadas em 2008 e 2009 para financiamento de projectos de investimento e infra-estruturas no país, explica o BdP.

Cabo Verde foi o que registou o maior crescimento real, em 72 milhões de euros face a 2009, "um novo e significativo aumento" - nota o supervisor bancário no relatório - que fez o total da dívida subir para 196 milhões de euros.

Guiné-Bissau não registou "qualquer desembolso ou amortização", tendo-se observado apenas uma redução de sete milhões de euros graças à apreciação do dólar face ao euro.

A dívida oficial de São Tomé e Príncipe por seu turno aumentou em 12 milhões de euros, para 49 milhões de euros.

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Investment opportunity: Cape Verde resort


Description: CANAMAIO owns 62,500 m2 land plot located in Agua Doce - Morro - Maio Island - Republic of Cape Verde, which is licensed to develop ATLANTIC BEACH , a resort consisting of 322 units (28 Villas, 32 Duplex and 262 apartments), Reception, Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Pools, Playground, Tennis, Beach Club, Dive Club and Surf Club.

Price of the SPV Company with all the licenses: 10,000,000 €.
Payment form: To be determined.
Complex Construction Price: € 24,000,000.
Turnkey Total Price: € 34,000,000.
Current land valuation: € 17,630,625

More info please consult: