Sylvain Chery Sylvain Chery Moderator

Startup Weekend Luxembourg 16-18 Nov. 2012

Join other entrepreneurs, designers, developers and startup enthusiasts to participate in 54 hours of taking innovative business ideas from concept to launch.
No Talk. All Action...and Fun!
It's starting in less than 2 months. The time is NOW to get registered to and save some cash! Early registration has its perks. First you are in (registration is limited)…Second it’s discounted. Make sure you register and tell your friends to come out for a life changing weekend.

Video presentation:
Registration :

Vandana Ashok Vandana Ashok

Agile 2.0 - Learn to lead the way in this new world of agile delivery!!

Want to know about the essentials to quantify the business value of agile, and current trends that contribute in increased value?
Know what is new, dispel the myths, demystify the road map and lead the way with agile delivery.
Join us for this insightful, engaging agile leadership event on May 8th, 2012 at Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Frankfurt.

Follow the link for additional information and registration.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Vandana Ashok Vandana Ashok

Selling Agile to Business : Comparitive business value of Agile Vs Traditional methods

No business wants to take risks, let’s face it! Executives would rather prefer to spend on optimizing the best practices of time and again proven models than a new rational thought and infrastructure – which needs significant investment in time, money and energy managing the change. We have to change this notion by proving value of agile software development methods, agile methodology benefits, and that agile development management necessarily doesn’t mean silos after all..
Beyond myths, here’s a free presentation on Slideshare illustrating how you can create a convincing case for your stakeholders.

Pierre E. Neis Pierre E. Neis Moderator

Gruppen-Newsletter: Closing the Xing Group

John Park John Park

Hi fellow AIGLU group members on Xing

AIGLU is also on linkedin:

I prefer linkedin over xing as linkedin seems to have a more international audience.

I am okay with shutting down AIGLU on Xing.


Pierre E. Neis wrote:
> Dear fellow agilists,
> Our beloved group doesn't work that well for any reason.
> I send your this newsletter to inform you my intention to close this
> group at the end of this new week.
> Please let me know your position before dead-end.
> Cheers
> Pierre
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> Dieser Newsletter wurde von Moderator Pierre E. Neis für die Gruppe
> "Agile Interest Group Luxembourg" verfasst.
> Besuchen Sie hier die Gruppe:
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> riv=

Pierre E. Neis Pierre E. Neis Moderator

08. October - Agile Tour Luxemburg : Here the Program

- [Case Study] SCRUM at Generali with Yann GENSOLLEN (Project Coordinator at GENERALI)
- Profile of an Agile Coach by Oana JUNCU (Project Director at SFEIR)
- Making Change Happen: How do I bring Scrum (or any other idea) into my company? (Peter Stevens)
- [Case Study] SCRUM at Dennemeyer & Co with Dr Robert FICHTER (Head of IT) and Sylvain CHERY (Scrum Master)
- Creating Leaderful Teams to Boost Performance (Deborah HARTMANN PREUSS)
Agile Game by Stéphane CARRE (Optima Consulting Owner)
- "Software Engineering Industrialization through Agile Adoption - The CHAMP Cargosystems Business Case" by Vincent EGGEN (Development Director at Champ Cargosystem)
- Convergences between CMMI and SCRUM / XP by Eric CHANAL (Director at Alcyonix)