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Legal Entities in the USA!

Dear Group Members,

I have already published several articles about the legal entities in the USA. But it is obvious that there is still a lot of wrong and misleading information out there and that even "consultants and advisers” are providing incorrect information especially when it comes to taxation.

While a Corporation (Inc.) shares the same personal liability protection for the owners compared to a Limited Liability Company (LLC), the tax consequences are totally different.

If a foreign investor starts a business in the USA with a C-Corporation, this legal entity faces double taxation and most likely a higher tax rate compared to an LLC. In addition, startup losses can’t be compensated with other sources of income since it is limited to the Inc. itself. Going further, expenses for launching and operating an Inc. are much greater compared to other business forms. This said, be aware that starting and running a business in the USA with a C-Corporation is most likely not in favor for you due to the fact that there are better alternative options available.

The best business formation depends on several factors and taxation is a vital aspect. For further information, please contact us at for a free consultation in German or English.

Thank you and best regards from USA

Dipl.-Kfm. (FH) Frank Hoepfner (CEO)

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