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My eZ Components use case

Hi group members,

to start the forums of this group, I'd like to ask everyone to shortly introduce himself. Please give me and the other group members an insight on what your field of work is, if you already use eZ Components, which components you use for which purpose and what kind of projects you realize using the library?

To start with, here is my little summary:

I'm a freelancing software architect / developer, working mostly for eZ Systems on the eZ Components project. I've been with the project from scratch and I use it for mostly for private and open source projects, like


I use many of the components for such projects, mainly Mail, Template, Database, PersistentObject, Configuration, ConsoleTools, Graph and others.

Inside eZ Components I'm responsible for the architecture and development of:

- Cache
- ConsoleTools
- ImageAnalysis
- ImageConversion
- PersistentObject
- SignalSlot
- Webdav

Best regards,