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Hiring Market Update for China

Keen to hear what 2012 might bring in the job market for Shanghai/China? Recent hiring market update is now available for download on the Morgan McKinley China website. Available in English and 简体中文


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POSCO India Crisis

Being the largest FDI in the investment history of India, POSCO India was being seen as a landmark project when it started 5 years back. But today caught in the non-decision of the government that cannot steer easily amidst the current legal and regional issues.

Without sufficient understanding of political economy, government-society equations, growth will always face problems, even if a democratic setup or free economy. Comments welcome!

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Hello there.

I am German and live and work since ten years in Spain. My business is journalism, online-publishing, marketing and related activities. Since some months Japan is more and more in my focus. The reason is not my nearly four week stay there, and not the fact that our company has now nearly two years an office there. For me Japan simply "interesting", sympathetic", "new" and "full of possibilities".

After living long time abroad, I am convinced that it makes not much sense to move to another country or make business without the knowledge of the local language. I will try to find out as soon as possible if I am "able to" learn Japanese. More about me in my Xing profile

Peter Lundstedt Peter Lundstedt

Greetings! I have a better mouse trap.

Best US Long Only Co venture Equity?

Greetings! I have a better mouse trap.

I think sitting down in my office and having me show you the process first hand is the best way to understand this program. Feel free to make an appointment.

I am an US and ADR equity manager who contracts for outsourced managed equity capital and I would like to be a resource to investing in the US stock market using a Diversified US and Global ADR Equity Strategy.

My independence gives directors an objective view of the market, outside of their own structured environment. This can help by giving a transparent view, free of brokerage and investment banking bias while potentially increasing assets.

I can probably trade where assets are currently held.

My goal is to be 50% or more ahead of the S&P 500 in five years. So, if the S&P 500 is up 50%, I want to be up 100% or more.

This program combines two widely accepted disciplines of finding companies with extraordinary fundamentals while using technical analysis. Then equally diversified portfolio positions rebalanced quarterly. That is the discipline.

I also review institutional equity participation

I reduce as many negative variables as possible. See - Which portfolio would you rather own?

And this process has led to recent awards such as

"Congratulations! Your product made IIS' PSN 2Q10 Top Guns list! You were one of the 10 best performers in at least one of 52 peer groups. Your PSN Top Guns Product: ZERO-T + SPX 50 1 Stars Global / Intl Balanced Universe Research Model Portfolio."

If there are only two things you take away from this concept let them be consistency in earnings growth and all of my portfolio stock positions have high fundamental rankings made by multiple independent analysts.

A Life Preserver Story

Enthusiastically expecting your call,


SpecialtiesUnfortunately, it is Not FDIC Insured and contains No Bank Guarantees and May Lose Value.