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I have a new cosmetic business with a franchise contract for China, Australia and New Zealand. I want to promote 40 cosmetic products in China and Australia to salons and retailers. I am looking for distributors who have an established network in the cosmetic industry. The product brands are well know in Taiwan made with quality ingredients such as Q10. If your interested in the challenge of promoting quality cosmetics in a competitive industry I would like to hear from you. thanks.
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Introducing myself…

Hello members of the group. Even if I am already memeber of the group for a time, today I’m going to introduce myself as a person, who is principally putting a lot of time and energy into the development of software solutions and its usability. One of my main objects is the configuration of integrated solutions for different assignments and sectors in cooperation with the users and therefore guaranteeing that the finished software will find its ideal acceptance. Standard products require a complete rearrangement and therefore need a greater amount of time for trainings and adjustment which is most often the problem of new software getting introduced into companies. As opposed to this we are not only able to apply an individual programme in accordance with performance requirements, but also integrate the staff (users) from the beginning and therefore reduce the training expenditure. However, I’m also passionate about gems and other objects made of this amazing material. They have fascinated me for more than 30 years. The fascination for gems and engravings is a permanent feature of the life and work within the generation of my family. Being the son of a dealer in gems, I have devoted many years with the handwork and trade of gem objects, especially in the Arab world which gave great pleasure to the people. Eagles, hawks or horses, Walt Disney figures and trophies, right up to Fabergé objects with integrated jewellery – everything is possible and there is no limit to one’s imagination. Especially unique objects and custom-made products are my speciailty, whether they are big or small objects – I am the right person to contact for everything concerning gems. Don't hesitate to contact me in case of any questions or suggestions. Best regards from Leipzig Germany Michael Kessler
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technological waste oil recycling and disposal, crude oil refinery system is installed

Our production areas crude oil refinery installation oil refinery waste recycling systems endüstiriel crude oil refinery plant is established, the desired tonnage in the region, technological MR: Ali Haznedar /TURKEY E-mail : REFINERY TECHNOLOGY @ AMERİCAN Saver TECHNOLOGICAL In the field of alternative energy sources since 1999 in USA with activities gosterdiğimiz Our company has proven itself the last 3 years has been focused on hydrogen technology. American Oil Saver, the new technology used in oil and oil derivative chemicals from plastic waste (plastic waste and used car wheel with each round) in the production of diesel has made big steps. Our company, especially as oil prices rise parallel to the quest for cheap fuel and agriculture, the company entered the energy transport has come to address the most important. Americas United States and around the world kurduğu prove himself in the American Oil refinery and hydrogen technology Saver RCYCLE Turkey to bring the world come to the last stage ... PLASTIC WASTE OIL + scrap + AUTO WASTE OIL RECYCLING RUBBER scrap the + Domestic Diesel 4 dü to qualify NOW ONE OF THE WORLD SYSTEM RCYCLE refinery in Turkey Oil refinery SYSTEMS AND BACK TO INDUSTRIAL WASTE ANY Diesel YAĞI the refinery SYSTEMS Any product derived from petroleum used to burn oil from a refinery Diesel now in Turkey .. Used oil will no longer return to the economy. Recent models of the world most advanced technology used in refinery distillation technology. Environment-friendly is a system that does not cause air pollution. Her tonnage demand in the private production of a refinery in Turkey, this technical feature is not available Refinery pollution, our system does not any way nature works with full capacity while refineries produced eksoz tax amount under international standards. There is no gas, environment-friendly leave and dangerous dioxsins agile, agile, furans no hazardous gas pollution rates 0. not leave ... Capacity of 90 percent biodiesel, 60 and 80 per cent between Petrochemical urunleri ceviren system is based on the quality of the product enters the distillation lan .. Wasteoil petrochemical refinery unite in product mix biodiesellede equal proportions in all the tools users can rak .. Electricity consumption is almost no. (80kw ie the energy expenditure of iron 5adet do not spend) At the same time on the world in 4 separate product used to make rope a distillation system, only we RCYCLE. Turkey and all over the world to set up a plant. This system fuel recycling technology certainly is not Biodizel recycling. In TONNAGE TO HER INSTALLATION (INCLUDING CRUDE oil refinery) Transport companies and fleets of ships, the system meets the needs of transport companies is cheap fuel. USA-American technology to save the final stage now in Turkey .. ISO 9001 quality certified facilities are ... applied technology and technical details of all the American technology usa Life of 30-40 years has FACILITIES FACILITIES 3 year warranty service and parts technical service and a lifetime service guarantee The desired demand in the minimum 1000 tons in tonnage crude oil refinery plant is established technology, Super fuel and other products, including ler.Irak region. REGION INCLUDING IRAQ Note: The mineral oil production facility is established Refining AOS offers refiners a full portfolio of process technology, adsorbents and catalysts, specialized equipment, engineering and technical services, as well as operational support services. You can employ AOS’s technical capabilities for operational improvements, revamps of existing equipment, major expansions, as well as grass-roots refinery projects. AOS’s “single source” capability offers you fully integrated and optimized solutions that drive toward minimum investment cost and project timing, ensuring maximum project profitability. AOS has a long history of industry leadership in gasoline production technologies with the Platforming, Penex, Butamer, and UOP HF Alkylation processes. We have developed new technologies such as the ISAL and InAlk processes to meet gasoline needs of the new millennium. The AOS Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Unicracking and Unionfining processes focus on gas oil conversion and diesel fuel production. AOS offers crude and vacuum distillation, coking, visbreaking, solvent deasphalting and the Merox process for product treating as part of a full refinery solution. Hydrogen is a major focus in refining today because of the drive toward low-sulfur gasoline and diesel fuels AOS is focused on maximizing H2 production from existing producers, while minimizing consumption in hydroprocessing units. The Polybed PSA and Polysep Membrane technologies are integral to efficient hydrogen generation and management. We can transfer AOS technology to your refinery through a unique collection of products and services, including process licenses, adsorbent and catalyst supply, basic design and front-end engineering design (FEED) services, and training and technical support at unit commissioning. AOS also transfers technology in the form of equipment, either skid mounted process modules or individual key mechanical equipment items. Reliability, Availability, Inspection, and Equipment Support Services In the hydrocarbon processing industry, downtime is simply not an option. In fact, unplanned downtime can cost a refinery upwards of $1 million per day. However, proactive reliability and maintenance programs can not only decrease your annual maintenance costs but, more importantly, improve operational availability – helping you earn millions of dollars each year. Look to AOS experts for innovative ways to help you improve reliability, upgrade maintenance programs, and increase operational availability – all while optimizing maintenance costs. With more than 60 years of experience, we understand the dramatic impact of improved reliability and maintenance performance on your on-stream time and profitability. Our studies have shown that optimized reliability and maintenance programs can increase operational availability up to 10%, decrease maintenance costs by 10 – 20%, and reduce both the number and severity of unplanned process interruptions. Recently, we enabled a client to advance from a reactive to a proactive maintenance program, resulting in savings of $5 million annually. Their maintenance expenditures were reduced by 40%, while their already good availability was improved by 4%. Our experienced Reliability Services group works with experts from every discipline within UOP – mechanical equipment design, inspection, metallurgy, corrosion control, and reliability and maintenance – to better identify your opportunities and then develop and implement corresponding solutions. We analyze all of your existing assets, paying particular attention to process reliability, asset integrity management, turnaround optimization and loss prevention. We also provide discrete inspection services, heater monitoring and specialized equipment support. If you’re in the refining business, you can’t afford to be off-line, and you can’t afford to operate without a strategic Maintenance plan in place. Find out how AOS can provide your refinery with reliability and maintenance programs you can truly count on. Contact us today using our website Isomerization No matter what your isomerization technology needs, AOS can provide you with the right solution. AOS offers a full range of technology and processing configuration options. To optimize your operations, you simply need to match the technology and processing configuration that’s right for your refinery. Isomerization technologies can be used across a wide spectrum of refining applications. One of today’s most widely used applications is the isomerization of light normal paraffins to branched paraffins. Low octane light straight-run naphtha, comprised of a mixture of pentanes and hexanes, is isomerized to produce a flexible, high octane, blending component that is free of sulfur and aromatics. The isomerization of light naphtha produces an excellent high octane gasoline blending component which is low in sulfur, benzene, and olefins. Another popular application is the isomerization of normal butanes to iso-butane for feed to alkylation process units. AOS has decades of global experience in isomerization technologies. Our first commercial Butamer process unit, for the isomerization of n-butane to iso-butane, went on stream in 1959. The first commercial Penex process unit, for the isomerization of light straight-run naphtha, went on stream in 1969. Since the start-up of our initial Butamer unit, more than 235 units have been placed on stream using AOS isomerization technology at refineries around the world. Light Olefin Conversion to Gasoline The light olefins produced from fluid catalytic crackers and coking units have traditionally been considered low-value by-products. However, through the use of AOS technology, you can convert these low-value light olefins to high-value gasoline blending components. AOS can offer you a range of different technologies to convert your light olefins into gasoline. Because your refinery’s optimal technology is dependent upon your specific refining needs, we make sure that AOS process experts are readily available to assist with your technology selection. AOS’s most widely used conversion technologies include: • Alkylation: Reacting light olefins with iso-butane to produce an alkylate product high in iso-octane • Oxygenate production: Reacting light olefins with methanol or ethanol to produce an ether • Catalytic Condensation: Condensation (or polymerization) of light olefins to produce polymer gasoline AOS has supplied light olefin conversion technology to the refining industry since the 1930s. Today, refiners around the world rely upon AOS s continuing innovation and depth of experience when converting light olefins into more profitable components. Hydrocracking AOS’s Hydrocracking technology is an important conversion technology for producing high-value naphtha or distillate products from a wide range of refinery feedstocks. Examples of these feedstocks include heavy straight-run vacuum gas oil, heavy synthetic crude gas oil, thermally or catalytically cracked stocks, or solvent extracted vacuum bottoms. Our hydrocracking technologies have a long history of commercial application, with more than 150 licensed units and more than 90 units currently operating worldwide. In 1990, AOS joined forces with Unocal to create the Unicracking technology. AOS’s Unicracking process operates at elevated pressure and temperature, and consumes hydrogen. The unconverted fractionator bottoms product can be fed to an FCC unit or lube oil hydrofinishing unit, or it can be recycled back to the process for full conversion to lighter high-value products. AOS can offer you a complete range of hydrocracking services and solutions: • Unicracking technology licenses. • A wide selection of Unicracking catalysts. • Select equipment for improved reactor operation. • A full range of engineering design and technical services. There are several process configurations and catalyst options available in this technology area. To learn AOS offers a full range of hydrocracking configurations to meet your refinery’s unique needs. Our most commonly implemented configuration is a single-stage Unicracking design, where the fresh feed and recycle oil are converted in the same reaction stage. This configuration simplifies the overall unit design by reducing the quantity of equipment in high-pressure service, keeping high-pressure equipment in a single train, and thus reducing the cost of the installed unit. We also offer our Once-Through design, a variation of single-stage configuration. Our two-stage design has a separation system in each reaction stage. The optimum flowscheme depends on feedstock capacity and product slate objectives. A number of additional flowscheme options have been developed and commercialized in recent years for co-processing and revamp applications. One of our newest developments is HyCycle Unicracking technology, designed to minimize cost and maximize diesel production for full conversion applications. Another new AOS technology, Advanced Partial Conversion Unicracking (APCU), is a variation of the single-stage flow scheme. The APCU process allows high quality ultra-low-sulfur diesel to be produced at lower conversion and pressures than would typically be required in a conventional design. The APCU process has a post-treat reactor operating at conditions more suitable for hydrogenation and desulphurization. Hydrocracking Catalyst AOS offers a full range of hydrocracking catalysts that can help you increase your profitability through higher product yields, longer operating cycles, higher quality products, increased throughput, higher conversion levels, and the ability to process higher endpoint feedstocks. Our hydrocracking catalysts, from highly-selective distillate catalysts to high-activity naphtha catalysts, offer distinct advantages, including high activity, high selectivity and excellent stability. Our rugged catalyst systems have been time-tested by more than 150 global refineries, providing high yields of excellent quality diesel, jet, and naphtha. We offer hydrocracking catalysts that are well-suited to the full range of hydrocracking unit configurations. In partial conversion units, the highly saturated unconverted oil is a premium lube-stock component or ethylene cracker/FCC feedstock. Our Unicracking catalysts have proven to be easily regenerable with a minimum of activity loss, with the ability to operate for multiple cycles. We conduct extensive, on-going catalyst research and development in an effort to offer new Unicracking catalysts. These new catalysts will generate even higher yields of valuable product from increasingly difficult feedstocks over longer catalyst operating cycles. In addition, our experts will provide technical service to help maximize your return. AOS is strongly committed to providing you with the most profitable hydrocracking catalyst solutions both now and in the future. Find out how we can help you by using. We also offer post-start up technical services, including process/catalyst related consulting and refinery-wide reliability, availability, and optimization services. Technology Transfer Services AOS’s Technology Transfer Services can help you attain the most reliable and profitable performance from your process unit. Our services not only include basic engineering design based upon our world-renowned Schedule A engineering package for new units and revamps, but also value-added specialty engineering services, engineered and fabricated systems, key process equipment, start-up services, and ongoing technical support services. Our engineering and technical services groups are comprised of highly trained technical professionals from all of the relevant disciplines. Each professional has many years of experience in design, construction, and operations. Over the years, their work has been responsible for many groundbreaking innovations, including CCR regenerators, simulated moving bed adsorption processes, and FCC catalyst coolers. To find out how AOS’s Technology Transfer Services can help increase your reliability and your profitability, contact us today using our Technical Support Services You can maximize the returns from your AOS process investment by leveraging the operating knowledge and problem solving expertise of AOSs technical support services. Operating Technical Services (OTS) groups are comprised of process experts with many years of operating experience. All possess an established track record of innovation and troubleshooting success. These OTS groups work closely both with AOS customers and with AOS’s Continuing Services group, on-site advisory services groups, and refinery profitability experts to complete the transfer of AOS technology. In addition, our OTS specialists’ operating knowledge contributes directly to improving our existing and new process technologies. Through these efforts, we’re able to ensure that your AOS process units operate profitably, reliably, and safely. You can count on our OTS technical experts to help you: • Support your new AOS process unit start up activities • Provide troubleshooting expertise to resolve commercial operating problems • Review, analyze and provide feedback on your unit operations • Provide comprehensive technical backup for AOS’s on site personnel • Support AOS's technology development and new unit design activities Find out how AOS technical support services can improve your bottom line. Contact us today using our AOS knows the pivotal role of training in the success of start-up and continuing operations. Our technology transfer process integrates this cumulative experience into the training services AOS offers its customers. AOS has a wide range of training services and products that help refineries and petrochemical complexes operate efficiently and safely. Every year, training seminars are offered for AOS customers worldwide. These seminars are available for new, existing or revamped units and cover a broad range of skills and knowledge, including process engineering, design engineering, inspection, operation and training. Training is offered on-site, at AOSP's corporate offices in Philadelphia, USA and at other locations around the world. In addition, AOS can develop a training program for your employees based on your site's individual needs. Customized Training AOS develops its Customized Training Programs from many years of licensing process technology and successfully training all types of refinery personnel in safe and efficient operation of AOS process units. Instructor-based and simulator-based training are combined in a training program that significantly increases the amount of knowledge retained and the measurable skills learned by the participant. Click here to find out about a for your employees based on your site's individual needs. you want to maximize the profitability of your existing assets, take a closer look at AOSs Revamp Engineering Services. AOS has unparalleled analytical experience in analyzing the operation of existing units, and creating options for revamps with the objective of "sweating" the operational assets. We do this by engaging our process and equipment experts in studies of varying complexities, consistent with your business goals. Our engineering and technical services experts will outline the following array of AOS engineering study options so that you can decide upon the ones most appropriate for your facility. Find out how AOSs Revamp Engineering Services can reinvigorate your facility. Contact us today for more details using o Catalyst Support Services AOS’s dedicated team of technical specialists is ready to assist you throughout your entire catalyst life cycle. From proper loading techniques and successful restart of your unit through optimization and potential regeneration, AOS’s advisors can help ensure that your catalyst is always performing up to its full potential.AOS can also assist with your precious metal handling and recovery needs. And if for any reason your current catalyst is underperforming, you can count on AOS advisors with years of troubleshooting experience to help you optimize your catalyst’s performance. Find out how the AOS catalyst technical service experts can help your unit live up to its full potential. Performance Optimization When you purchase AOS catalyst, you’ll get more than a world-class product. You’ll also get the dedicated attention of a Operating Technical Services (OTS) specialist. AOS OTS specialists have been extensively trained through a rigorous program that can include assignments in AOS’s Field Operating Services, Engineering, or Development groups. AOS OTS specialists can draw upon a significant network of R&D, Engineering, Analytical, and AOS resources, as well as specialized tools and operating data from many other AOS units. Upon your purchase of AOS catalyst, a AOS OTS specialist can review your operation, equipment, and procedures to develop the most appropriate and optimal start-up of your new catalyst load so that it will meet expectations. AOS OTS specialist can also provide advice on catalyst loading and start-up procedures for use by your technical and operations staff. Once your unit is operational, a AOS OTS specialist will work with you to review post-startup operations and recommend operating changes to ensure optimal performance from your AOS catalyst. This initial review can be supplemented by periodic on-site performance reviews, during which a AOS OTS specialist can both discuss specific findings and develop specific recommendations. This ongoing process will enable your AOS OTS specialist to offer you technical support and optimization strategies right through the end of the catalyst cycle. Find out more about how your AOS OTS specialist can help you optimize your operation by contacting a UOP expert using our Hydrotreating Process AOS offers a full suite of hydrotreating applications under the name of Unionfining process. AOS is a leading hydroprocessing licensor with an installed base more than 500 Unionfiner units. In recent years, the low sulfur gasoline and ultra low sulfur diesel market has offered incentives to advance the state of this technology to meet low contaminant specifications. AOS offers a number of ways for you to meet these specifications, from simple catalyst replacement with new generation of highly active catalysts to revamp of existing unit via addition of a reactor. Other AOS solutions include makeup hydrogen purification systems, recycle gas scrubbers, improved separation system, or an installation of a new unit. At AOS, we have added several engineering design solutions to enhance the package for both existing unit revamps and new units – such as hot or enhanced high pressure separators, UltraMix reactor internals, co-processing, and divided wall columns. With the low sulfur gasoline market facing the same challenges as ULSD, we are offering FCC gasoline desulfurization solutions to remove sulfur while retaining gasoline octane. The following links offer more information and detail on these configurations and technologies. Gasoline Desulfurization AOS’s gasoline desulfurization technologies give you the flexibility to achieve your FCC post-treating objectives against the backdrop of tightening gasoline sulfur specifications. Our unique multi-technology approach not only enables you to desulfurize FCC naphtha and control product octane, but it offers the potential to improve feedstock and product flexibility, increase on stream efficiencies, reduce operating costs and enhance product blending capabilities. Traditionally, refiners have used a naphtha splitter to separate the naphtha into two or three streams. Once the naphtha is separated, refiners can apply Merox technology to the light material to extract the mercaptans predominant in this lower boiling range fraction of the naphtha. Refiners can then apply the SelectFining or ISAL technology to the heavier naphtha to simultaneously desulfurize the FCC naphtha while controlling the octane of the hydrotreated product. In instances when the naphtha splitter has a mid-cut stream, the material can be sent to a SelectFining unit, depending on the processing objectives. No matter which approach you take at your refinery, AOS’s gas desulfurization technologies give you the flexibility to get exactly what you need Best regards americanoilsaver Ali Haznedar /TURKEY E-mail : head Office: Two Penn Center Plaza PA Philadelphia USA 19102 -1706 phone: 001 267 205 4016