Reiner Lenz Reiner Lenz Moderator

Rohstoffe Zucker / Palmöl

Sehr geehrte Mitglieder,

ich möchte mich kurz fassen. In den letzten 6 Wochen habe ich in Südostasien Kontakte hergestellt zu Produzenten für Zucker (RS ICUMSA 45 4000MT / Monat) und Palm Öl (MCPO 20.000 MT / Monat).
Nun suche ich Abnehmer oder jemanden der mich dabei unterstützen kann diese zu finden.
Bitte nur bei ernsthaftem Interesse per direkt Nachricht bei mir melden.

Beste Grüße
Reiner Lenz

Raissa Steinigk Dr. Raissa Steinigk PremiumModerator

Conference: Camelina oil and ressourses

Ladies and gentlemen!

Let me invite you to participate in a conference on topic "Camelina sativa" which will be held March 16, 2012 in Leipzig .

At the same time let me shortly introduce our company. Our company "Camelina sativa Project GmbH” is the first provider of camelina oil for biodiesel production to EU from Russia. The objective of the company is also using of all forms of constructive, global and economically mutually beneficial cooperation on "Camelina Sativa".

Today, "Camelina sativa Project GmbH" as a number of other companies in Europe and Russia are "pioneers" in the development of this remarkable culture-camelina sativa, which unfairly was "erased" from the list of very useful for man and mankind plants. As a team we will return it to the "list".

On purpose of advertising, marketing and distribution of camelina oil we hold in Europe first conference on" Camelina Sativa oil" and we are interested in attracting such powerful companies and partners as yours company.

The Conference is considered by us as a synthesis of research, production and promotional activities. This is the single correct approach to the subject, and the product design, value and scale, which until today to determine the final hard. The conference will cause a significant interest among representatives of various industries, research and production patterns and to draw attention to increased cultivation and production of camelina oil in Russia and Europe.

For the effective conduct of the first conference we are looking for interested partners as well as investors.

Yours sincerely

Camelina Sativa Projekt GmbH

Dr. Raissa Steinigk
geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin