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Chinese Companies Enter The German Market 中国企业进入德国市场 Survey 问卷调查

Chinese companies are gaining more and more importance in the global economy. In Germany, already some 1,600 Chinese enterprises have set up their business. Being located in the heart of Europe, Germany is the ideal place for them to develop their businesses throughout Central Europe.
Unfortunately, Chinese companies, which enter the German market, have to face a number of challenges and hurdles. In order to help Chinese companies to cope with these challenges, the German Center for Market Entry – a spin-off of Free University Berlin – is conducting the following survey.
If you are already doing business in Germany or plan to do so in the near future, we would highly appreciate your participation in the survey. By answering the questions below you actively contribute to improve the general public image of Chinese companies in Germany. Moreover you can help to improve the investment and business conditions for your company in Germany.
As a participant of the survey you will receive an exclusive guidebook to the German market in Chinese language, which helps you to enhance your business in Germany. In addition you will get the complete survey report free of charge.
All your answers will be handled anonymously and in accordance with the strict German privacy law. Your contact details, which are required to send you the business guide book and the survey report, will be saved separately. In that way we make sure that no link between your answers and your personal data is possible.
The survey will take approx. 12 min.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

German Center for Market Entry UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
c/o Freie Universität Berlin
Address: Malteserstr. 74 – 100, D-12249 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30 3060 4259

Thank you for your participation! →

然而,进入德国的中国企业也同样面对着一系列问题和挑战。为了能够更好的帮助中国企业解决这些问题, 我们开始着手这项调查研究。这次研究由德国市场进入研究中心发起, 并将得到德国柏林自由大学的大力支持。
作为此项调查的参与者,您将获得一本用中文撰写的特别版的《ENTERGERMANY 德国市场指南》,它将有助于提升您在德国的业务。此外,您还将免费获得我们全部的调查结果报告。
您在此问卷中的所有结果都将被匿名处理,这一程序将严格遵守德国隐私法。您的联络方式也只会被用于问卷调查和邮寄《ENTERGERMANY 德国市场指南》,将被分开处理并保存。我们将确保您的公司(个人)信息和您的问卷调查结果的严格分离。

抄送 柏林自由大学
地址 Malteserstr. 74 – 100, D-12249 Berlin
电话 +49 30 3060 4259

非常感谢您的参与! →

Alexander Baron von Engelhardt Alexander Baron von Engelhardt Moderator

Ooh, these Chinese...

Dear all,

I would very much appreciate some help to get along / better understand Chinese business partners of mine. With the following story, I guess l learned how the idiom "Chinese whispers" was made up.

One day, I was sitting with a Chinese client in the waiting room of the foreigners office for his apointment. His normal translator/"culutural consultant" was not available on that day. So another person accompanied him. So far, no problem. When the client and I went in to speak, the other guy's cell bounced up and he called this main consultant and "chitter chatter". When we came out again, he called the main consultant and "chitter chatter". When we went in again, cell phone bounced, "chitter chatter". Then I asked the guy accompanying us to communicate to the client so and so. At least to my understanding, that was quickly done. Again the cell phone bounced, "chitter chatter". A few minutes later, I received a call from the main consultant: "Guuttn Tag Herr err Engelhardt" he told me that he already heard what happened. I was tell him everything in detail again. Then we discussed the next steps. Understand this discussion as communicating three times 1.) we went in and out from the officer, 2.) what the officer wanted, 3,) a) the next steps, b) the same next steps.

Arghh! <me bitting on my lips to remain quiet and polite> So much repeated communication drives me crazy. Is this something nescessary for a Chinese to communicate a bit of information so many times? Sometimes, I get the feeling of being like a cowboy misplaced in a group of persons just whipering to another. I want to go out and "shoot (remaining with my picture of me)" and not endlessly repeat information to be share.

I do hope that there are some people here that can communicate between the cultures and that would grant me a piece of their wisdom.

All good

Communicating between cultures is the most difficult and important factor in translation and interpretation. We are working hard every day to help our clients communicate better with their business partners.

Alexander Baron von Engelhardt Alexander Baron von Engelhardt Moderator

Start with EUR 1 captial for your corporation in Germany

Dear all,

This summer, the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament) passed a bill on the reform of German corporate law. Known as the “MoMiG” (Law for the Modernization of the GmbH and to Combat its Misuse), the bill is a very important reform of the most commonly used German corporate form, the GmbH. The reform will bring about major changes. Among other things the reform will make it possible to establish a new form of the GmbH (“Unternehmergesellschaft”) with a share capital of nothing more than 1 EURO (previously a minimum of 25,000 EURO had been required) and to establish a GmbH that has no active business in Germany but solely operates abroad.

The bill has come into force on November 1st, 2008. You can read more about this on the Legal Guide to Germany,


大路 马(Michael Ma) Yi 毅 Lu 陆
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Eric Hoefmans Eric Hoefmans Moderator

Connecting China and Holland

Allow me to introduce myself shortly:

As a founding Partner of consultancy firm 12enter China (phonetic want-to-enter-china) I support entrepreneurs who (want to) develop activities in Shanghai (and surrounding areas).

My partner and I support with mainly market research, feasibility studies and organizing trade missions, and aim for a successful entry of our customers in the rapidly developing Chinese market. Together with our network we also can supply in professional translation services, setting up representative offices, recruiting talents and searching for suppliers who have the best match with the needs of our customers.

Furthermore, I believe that the People’s Republic of China as a country experiencing economic growth, will continue growing in the near future. There are forces of confluence, like raise of highly educated people, raise of knowledge, developing of the internal market, etc. at the base of the speed at which China is these days.

Together with China’s large population, this has ensured that we no longer talk about the question 'if', but rather about 'when' China will be the largest economy in the world.

I became a member of this group, to expand my network, show my expertise and create win-win situations with other entrepreneurs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Eric Hoefmans

Dear Eric,

Welcome to China!

It's my great honor to meet you in this club and I hope we can share a lot of interesting ideas and information in the near future.

Thank you very much for your optimistic estimation about China and I also believe China will develop even faster.As a translation company that can deal with 20 kinds of foreign languages and language trainning at the same time, we hope more and more insightful foreign friends like you will come to China to expand their business.

Good Luck!