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MGB Roadster 1967

Dear members It happened a bit more than six years ago: I met an MGB Roadster, 1967 - and it was love at first sight. Luckily the owner was ready to sell it. The car is damask red with light beige leather seats. Unfortunately I haven't any pictures online, just this one: http://twitter.com/RaffaellaPepe (You can see only a part of it but I'm sure you can imagine the rest!) My MGB bravely survived all tecnical and corrosive crises so far and it is hoping for a long summer and sunny autumn this year. I wish you all a nice driving season. Raffaella Pepe PS: I'm new in this group.
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Hi Alex Wow, a golden MGB - must look great! I haven't seen your MG either in Zurich. I will keep my eyes open. ;-) Last Sunday I was in Mollis at the British Car Meeting. If you were there too, you might have seen my MG. I can recommend a very good Garage in Adliswil: http://www.garage-gutknecht.ch It is just 10 min from Zurich - by car. And without car (what may happen :-) it is easy to reach, because it's very close to the train station. I'm client there for years now and I'm very happy. I appreciate the transparency and professionalism. Enjoy this beautiful roadster weekend you too. Best regards Raffaella
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Has anyone ever owned any car types that became famous in TV Series or in a movie?

Has anyone ever owned any famous cars? What I mean is a car that came out or was shown in movies or TV or in car racing. My friend recently showed me his '67 Cadillac convertible that was shown in the movie "Too Wong Foo" with Wesley Snipes and Patrick Suaze - same color. He said he saw the car in the movie and wanted to have it - so he looked out for it and found it!