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Den Traum Leben - bekannt machen

Der "Traum der 10" begleitet mich schon seit 1998. Mit einem kleinen Video beteilige ich mich beim 99 fire films Award.
Jeder, der sich den Film anschaut freut mich und natürlich auch ehrliche Rückmeldungen:


The "Dream of the 10" has been with me since 1998. With a small video I take part in the 99 fire films award.
Anyone who looks at the film makes me happy and of course honest feedback:

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Aktiv zeigen ::::: active View

Mit dem Video vom Frühlingsmärchen möchten wir alle Aktiven aufrufen Flagge zu zeigen, wofür sie stehen. Es werden Übersetzungen für verschiedene Sprachen erstellt, sobald Übersetzungen vorliegen:
With the video of the "spring fairy" We are calling on all active flag to show what they stand for. It will be created for different languages ​​translations, when available translations:

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Adventskalender - auch wenn die Zeit schon fast vorbei ist ::: Advent calendar - even if the time is almost over

Hallo Zusammen,
der Adventskalender der Menschlichkeit begleitet durch die Adventszeit.
Die Anregungen sind von verschiedenen Aktiven zusammengestellt worden.

Erfreuen Sie sich über die Vielfalt der Gedanken und Anregungen - diese gelten auch außerhalb der Adventszeit.

:::: :::
the advent of humanity, accompanied by the Christmas season.
The suggestions have been compiled from various assets.

Enjoy the diversity of thoughts and ideas - these are also outside the Christmas season.

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Ein großer Termin steht schon unter stehen alle wichtigen Informationen.
A big event is already under are all important information.
Description: Living the Dream - for a better future

The world being what it is - today.
The world is as it is in the future.
TODAY is the way it is.
For tomorrow I may even change the world even a little bit.
For the future we can change the world.

Lest hear, or see my "dream of the 10" (approx. 35 minutes). Or read in English "Dream of the 10".
Show me and us all your dreams for a better world.
Let us live our dreams together.

For the dream of the 10 gives us the feeling as it is, if it is good.
Everyone has the desire meets with all the other on 20/11/2011.

Where: The people in the vicinity of agreed locations.
With all others who want a better future on the Internet - not only in a country in as many countries.

How: Everyone wants to change the world, will participate with its possibilities.
For the exchange is a forum set up at:
There we can before the meeting in November 2011, arrange to meet, exchange meeting.

Only WE can change the world, we are counting on YOU.

Maria, who was allowed to dream the dream of the dream 10
How do I make it clear what happens when we live the dream and what happens if we just keep living like this.

To this end, a comparison:
A family would like fresh bread for breakfast. Since there are three possibilities.
1. No one will work.
2. One of the family goes to the bakery and bring sandwiches.
3. One of the family bakes itself
What is the consequence if it is extrapolated to very many people?
At 1 It changes nothing, the baker keeps his offer.
At 2 The baker puts greater priority on the warming area. It will provide one more choice and increase the amount of produced buns.
At 3rd To increase the appeal of his shop, the baker will change its strategy and react to customer needs. First he takes baking ingredients into its program.
Possibly. He will also arrange bread days, at which the customer then prepared their own bread in a special oven (stone oven, wood stove, ...) are baked.
Or the breads are made jointly.
Customers will be informed of the possibilities are there, what ingredients are used as, or even on what ingredients and quality ingredients can be taken.
Then he offers very special ingredients to suit every taste. (Onions, cheese ...)

So it is with dreams. If we change nothing, nothing happened when we selective accents, will develop a fuller service. And if we approach it individually active, we can change our behavior with the offer, making it more individually adapted to our wishes.

So it will be when we live the dream. Quality of life is to adapt to our needs. With all its facets, as each and every active man, the priorities set differently.
The world as it is now was created to meet the needs of the people who have heard more loudly.
The world will change according to our needs when we have given ourselves heard.

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Nun sind es nur noch einige Tage.
Ein paar Menschen haben sich den Termin eingetragen.

Damit es sich auch lohnt, freue ich mich eine überschaubare Zeit für alle Aktiven zu nennen.

20.11.2011 von 18 bis 20 Uhr bin ich am Rechner.

Für Menschen aus Borken und Umgebung: ich freue mich über ein reales Treffen in meinem Büro (maximal 5 Personen sonst wird es eng).

Also jeder der Spaß hat meldet sich einfach an oder ist unter im Blog und im Forum dabei.

Ich freue mich auf viele interessante Gespräche und den virtuellen Austausch.

Herzliche Grüße Maria Donner
Now there are only a few days.
A few people have registered to date.

Thus, it is also worthwhile, I am a limited time to call for all assets.

11/20/2011 18 to 20 clock I'm on the computer.

For people from Borken and environment: I am looking forward to a real meeting in my office (maximum 5 people otherwise it will close).

So all the fun has just logs on or is under / blog and in this forum.

I look forward to many interesting discussions and the virtual exchange.

Kind regards Maria Donner