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Die ganz andere Kunst-und Designauktion am 9. August 2014 in Dresden !

Die ganz andere Kunst-und Designauktion am 9. August 2014 in Dresden !

Sie sind alle herzlich willkommen zur großen Kunstauktion mit Sektempfang am 09.August 2014. Gezeigt werden exklusive und auserwählte Edelstahldesignarbeiten sowie abstrakte Kunstwerke von -Simone Berger-
Ort : Atelier der Künstlerin,Strasse des 17. Juni in 01257 Dresden
Einlass/ Besichtigung : 14 : 00
Beginn der Auktion 16 : 00
Ich bitte Sie bis zum 01. August 2014 um eine kurze Mitteilung der Teilnahme per Fax 0351-2736837 oder eine Nachricht über XING /Simone Berger mit Ihrem vollständigen Namen und Personenanzahl. Bringen Sie Ihre Freunde und Kollegen mit. Vielen Dank ! Wir freuen uns sehr auf Ihren Besuch.

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Global dental implants and prosthetics market is estimated to be worth $6,401.5 million by 2013

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Amanda Jiao Jiao Amanda

Global dental implants and prosthetics market is estimated to be worth $6,401.5 million by 2013

How to cut down the cost for dentist
Nowadays, more and more overseas dental labs choose to outsourcing their cases to some developing countries for fabrication to save cost, China, Vietnam, Mexico are their most common choices. With the same quality restorations, the cost is almost less than half price of the local cost.
As an experienced overseas sales in different Chinese dental labs for 8 years, I know quite a lot European and US dental labs outsourcing their cases in China, however, I don’t think the end users of the restorations, even the dentists know their cases are fabricated in overseas countries due to the fast turnaround time.
As far as I know, there are more than 200 dental labs in Shenzhen, China, more than half the labs deal with overseas cases though the quality standards are different. These labs can receive at least 10,000 overseas cases per day via the dental agents. The agents can gain at least three times profits than the lab quotation. In that case, the best way to save cost for dentists is sending cases directly to Chinese dental lab rather than sending via agents. More and more labs opens direct service to dental clinic, thus dentist can send even one single case to Chinese dental lab by paying a small amount of shipping cost. Curve Dental Lab is the right lab which accept small parcels from dental clinic, for more information about outsourcing, pls feel free to contact me via email and call.

Amanda Jiao Jiao Amanda

Greetings from Chinese Dental Laboratory

Dear valued clients,

Are you bored with your current outsourcing dental lab for its continuous remaking? Are you satisfied with your current turnaround time, after-sale service and warranty policy? Have you ever considered trying another lab or found a backup lab for transition? Curve Dental Lab is your right choice, we are ready at all times to be your reliable and permanent partner. Hope the following advantages can eliminate your concerns:
1. Location Advantage: Curve Dental Lab locates in Shenzhen, China with an office in HK. Its geographic advantage guarantees the fast turnaround time. Clients only need 7-8 working days from sending to receiving the finished cases. I think even your domestic lab may not promise you such a fast turnaround time.
2. Price Advantage: Your customer can enjoy high quality dental works which is on a par with your domestic dental works, but the price is obviously lower. That's why there's an increasing number of overseas agents and dentists send their cases to China, especially Shenzhen.
3. Technology Advantage: Curve Dental Lab was founded in 2003, with its humanized management and harmonious working environment, techinicians have very low turnover rate. Most of them have been working here since the founding of the lab. Every case was elaborately fabricated and strictly checked before dispatch. All the restorations are strictly in compliance with international standards. Thus we can promise long time warranty.
4. Certification Guarantee: We only use CE certificated material. We can export to most countries all over the world with our CE, TUV and FDA certificates.
To make the first mail simple, I only list some major advantages. You can feel more advantages once you have a try of our lab. We warmly welcome dental lab, agent, dentist and anyone who is interested in dental industry work together with us.

Best Regards,
(English website will be available soon)

Bettina S. Edelmann Bettina S. Edelmann Premium

Public Relation for dental issues

I offer Public Relations and Communications in Health Care and related issues.
I’m active in German speaking daily and popular press (B2C) as well as in medical resp. dental press (B2B).
In my view Public Relations supports information and credibility on a high level.
Furthermore it helps to gain new opportunities for strategic partnerships and market share.
Here in this group I look forward to interesting news.
All the best
Bettina S. Edelmann, Munich