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Free eBook: 7 Steps to Becoming a Digital Merchandising Hero

Merchandising heroes understand how shoppers behave, know their data like nobody else, and can connect visual experiences to business goals. Are you a merchandising hero?

Learn in this free ebook how to turn the online shopping experience into tangible results in 7 steps by

- Showing the right products to the right shoppers
- Putting rules around your recommendations
- Using data and insights to drive better results
- Mashing up content, commerce and community
- Optimizing to satisfy product search and discovery
- Guiding shoppers through the store
- Optimizing and personalizing for the shopper’s context

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Sabine Häcker Sabine Häcker

Forrester On-Demand Webinar: Turn Browsers into Buyers

Learn from Forrester analyst Sucharita Mulpuru how to optimize your digital merchandising and turn a browsing visitor into a buying customer.

Hear in this free, on-demand webinar by SDL and Forrester
- Forrester’s view on the trends in online retailing
- Best practices in optimizing eCommerce and digital merchandising
- Use Cases from some of the leading brands and retailers

Watch the on-demand webinar:

Sabine Häcker Sabine Häcker

Free Whitepaper | From Buy Now to Buy More: The Transition to experience-Commerce

Online shopping is rapidly evolving to focus on creating experiences rather than just transactions. More than ever, the ‘e’ in eCommerce stands for ‘experience’.

Find out in our new white paper "From Buy Now to Buy More: The Transition to experience-Commerce"
- what the market trends behind these changes are,
- how they impact on eCommerce executives,
- how you can turn your browsing visitors into buying customers, and
- how to transition your business towards customer experience-driven commerce in 6 steps.

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