Tatjana Gopp Tatjana Gopp

Expert in the area of food supply/ Food aid in Ethiopia

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am searching for an Expert working in an NGO in the area of food supply or food aid in Ethiopia. I am searching for an interview partner regarding my Bachelor Thesis with the topic:
The influence of NGOs on food supply in developing countries.

It would be great if someone is willing to do an interview with me.

Kind regards,

Tatjana Gopp

Tatjana Gopp
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Tatjana Gopp Tatjana Gopp

Btw, my E-mail: tatjanagopp@live.de

Wolfram Schmidt Dr. Wolfram Schmidt

Pan-African Cement Testing Round Robin (PACE-PTS)

The German BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in collaboration with the German Metrology Institute (PTB) are organising an Africa wide Proficiency Testing Scheme for the year 2014 on the testing of cement. The Pan-African Cement Proficiency Testing Scheme PACE-PTS is the second Africa-wide proficiency testing scheme after a first transaction in 2012/2013, where 26 private and public construction materials testing laboratories from 18 African nations were registered.
The testing programme comprises testing of the major chemical and physical properties of cement. The testing is conducted according to EN 196. The PACE-PTS is open for private and public laboratories in Africa and the registration is open until March 15, 2014.

Testing the quality of cement is an important task in order to ensure the safety of constructions. Many laboratories in Africa are specialised on the performance of the necessary chemical and physical tests. Participation in proficiency testing schemes helps assuring a steady quality of testing as it provides a tool of self-assessment against pre-established criteria and by giving a tool for a neutral inter-laboratory comparison. Furthermore, participation in a proficiency testing scheme helps proving a laboratory’s competence to customers. Participation in proficiency tests is furthermore a precondition for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025.

The PACE-PTS combines the tool of a proficiency testing scheme with networking and training activities in Africa. Besides the statistical analysis of the delivered testing results, a final workshop will be organised for all participants in order to discuss about the results and the way forward.

Further information can be found via the website:

Registration can be conducted via cement-pt@bam.de.