Emerging Markets: EEMEA

Emerging Markets: EEMEA

The mission of Emerging markets EEMEA Group is to bring together international business professionals in developed and emerging markets.


Darlehensangebot zwischen Privatpersonen

Diese Meldung ist für Einzelpersonen, Führungskräfte von Unternehmen oder für alle diejenigen, die in müssen eines bestimmten Darlehens ihre Lebenschancen, Sie müssen sich leihen Geld zum Erstellen oder erweitern Ihr eigenes Projekt. Sie müssen sich leihen Geld zu kaufen oder bauen Sie Ihr eigenes Haus. Sie müssen sich leihen Geld um Ihre Schulden zu bezahlen
und Ihr Traumauto zu kaufen. Machen Sie mehr Sorge, weil ich ein Individuum Darlehen Geld von € 5.000 zu € 5.000.000 für Einzelpersonen bin, vergibt die in Not sind und die seriösen und verantwortungsvollen. Mein Zinssatz beträgt 3 % Jahr. Zögern Sie nicht, mich zu kontaktieren, wenn Sie ernst
Vielen Dank an mich per E-mail kontaktieren: albertosruben@gmail.com

Marco Honsberg Marco Honsberg

Solar direct drive - how existing Diesel electric pumps Fan be replaced by off-grid technology

it looks amazing this system found in the Website of http://www.empo-ni replaces fuel consuming solutions as used today in many emerging countries für potable water or irrigation purposes. The system armortizes simply by the amount of Diesel fuel saved and the obsolete maintenance cost of the combustion engine. have a look!

Dennis Kruzien Dennis Kruzien PremiumModerator

Networking event for investment experts in Shanghai, China - June 2015

The China Investors Summit 2015 is the ultimate meeting point, bringing together leading Chinese family offices and institutional investors with international fund managers and consultants in an intimate and focused environment.

You are interested in the China Investors Summit 2015 or need more information about the event? Please contact me at dennisk@marcusevanscy.com

Gen Nacino Gen Nacino

[Offer] Pocket Size Welding Machine for EEMEA Importers; Distributorship

Greetings. We are manufacturers on an innovative welding machine
"Pocket Size Welding Machine" which carries the brand name Microweld.
This product will take the industrial sector by storm, with all the
advantages in terms of: electrical consumption, size, weight, duty cycle etc.

We are now open for distributors and importers to represent the
product in their respective territory or even in an international

Our webpage is: http://g22manalili.wix.com/arcmicroweldmanufacturing
Verified Gold Membership Website: http://ph109810645.trustpass.alibaba.com/
You can watch the machines actual video demonstration by clicking on
the link below:


Size: 1.8 x 8.5 x 1.8 inches
Weight: 1kg
Duty cycle is 100% the machine can withstand long hours of operation
without overheating.
Voltage is 110 * 220 * 440 auto volt.
Welding Capacity: 100 - 500 amperes
Warranty: One (1) year

Machine has been tested and has passed strict quality control prior to

We are an export account holder with DHL for many years and have several tie ups with reputable freight forwarding companies.
Feel free to email us for any inquiries

Thank you

Best Regards
Arc Microweld Manufacturing
103 E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue, Manalili Building, Quezon City
Mobile + 639165304968 Tel/ +639176304095 ( WhatsApp and Viber Available 24/7 )
Email: arcmicroweldmanufacturing@gmail.com