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Cultural Bridges in Germany Conference

I would like to bring to your attention our upcoming programs hosted by the ICD, in partnership with other leading institutions. Given your interest in European culture and multiculturalism, I though it could be of interest.

The Cultural Bridges in Germany Conference: A Forum for Young Leaders
“Art and Culture: Strengthening Multicultural Relations in Germany”
(Berlin, October 2nd – 5th, 2012 – Held parallel to German Unity Day: "Tag der Deutschen Einheit")

“Cultural Bridges in Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders" (CBG) is a network of young individuals, who share an interest in strengthening intercultural relations in Germany as well as exploring the challenges and opportunities facing Germany, both domestically and internationally. The forum provides a platform for interdisciplinary discussion on salient issues concerning German culture and society, as well as related political and economic subjects. At the international level, the program works to analyze the roles and responsibilities of Germany in the emerging world order. Through these discussions, "Cultural Bridges in Germany" plays a valuable role in strengthening relations between Germany's cultural communities, and between Germany and its international partners.

We are currently accepting applications for the following events:

The Cultural Bridges in Germany Conference – (Berlin, October 2nd – 5th, 2012)
The UK Meets Germany Conference – (Berlin, October 2nd – 5th, 2012)
The Germany Meets Turkey Conference – (Berlin, October 2nd – 5th, 2012)
The Germany Meets Morocco Conference – (Berlin, October 2nd – 5th, 2012)
The Germany meets Slovenia Conference – (Berlin, October 2nd – 5th, 2012)
The Germany Meets Greece Conference - (Berlin, October 2nd – 5th, 2012)

I hope these programs are of interest to you.

With warmest regards,

Mark C. Donfried

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Online participation to the Social Networks workshop at DAA 16 June. Shape the agenda!

Dear members of the EU Social Networks Group,

We are approaching the dates of this important workshop "07. Social networks, a driver for economic and political change?" where we are going to assess the progress of the Digital Agenda for Europe, identify challenges and mobilise stakeholders to make further progress in the domain of social networks.

We remind you that it is also possible to participate in the online discussions previous to the event, for that you have three ways of doing it:

· Animating on twitter using the hashtag: #daa11socnetworks, or on facebook/personal blog about the session:

· Uploading your relevant videos here:

· Adding some ideas, suggestions or questions to the Google Moderator Series
/ and by commenting this post below

Remember that the topics for the coffee corners/breakout sessions will be defined taking into account the ideas/suggestions sent by you give.

For more details about the session:

Many participants have already contributed to the online discussion. Invest some time and shape the workshop online!!

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Invitation to DAA session: 7. Social networks, a driver for economic and political change?

We would like to invite you to attend the first annual Digital Agenda Assembly, to be held in Brussels on 16th and 17th June. The Assembly is a significant milestone in the delivery of the Digital Agenda, Europe's strategy for a flourishing digital economy by 2020.

This event will:
- assess progress in delivering the Digital Agenda, and seek ways to improve where necessary;
- identify challenges ahead for implementation;
- seek to mobilise stakeholders in carrying the process forward.

Participating in the Assembly will give you the opportunity to meet and discuss with others whose views and actions matter if we are to deliver the benefits of the Digital Agenda for Europe's citizens.

You will be among investors, regulators, policy makers, fast growing ICT companies, web entrepreneurs and high level representatives and authorities from Europe.

The session: 7. Social networks, a driver for economic and political change?

Social networks are dramatically transforming economic and policy landscape, e.g. Arab uprising, zero email companies, crowd sourcing of innovation, emergency and crisis response. Contrary to common thinking, there are many very successful European Social Networks supporting cultural diversity very close to citizens (representing 200 Million registered users). Social networks are strategic platforms to increase competitiveness of all sectors for Europe.


In the context of Digital Agenda Action 54, this session will discuss concrete actions for a comprehensive strategy cutting across research, innovation, education and regulation for the scaling of a social networks industry in Europe.

Consistently with the theme, this session is being already prepared through web-based collaboration. Please join our online collaborative effort for the following key topics:
• What concrete actions are needed to scale up EU social networks?
• Which are the benefits of the EU social networks for EU society and economy?.

Using the Google moderator dedicated session:

To accompany this activity, this group on XING has been created.

In order to secure your place at the Assembly, please register by 8th May via this link: