Stephane Batassi Stephane Batassi


“I challenge everyone interested in Information and Communication Technology and other technological development for Africa to attend this conference. This is a conference organized for Africa by Africans. Many may not like what I say but it is a shame for any African academician or practitioner living in the western world to select attending all the conferences where they live and ignore conferences on African issues organized by Africans. We must encourage each other. Let’s start here.” Prof. Victor Mbarika"

"I went to give a key speech in Zambia and the first lady of the country came and sat
through all the presentations. Our continent is moving in the right direction. The diaspora should stop criticizing and go in and work with"

Prof. Mbarika is President of the ICT University(, endowed Professor at Southern University, Executive Director of the International Center for Information Technology and Development (, President of The African Society for ICTs( and Co- Editor in Chief of The African Journal of Information Systems(

Stephane Batassi Stephane Batassi


The 8th Scientific and Technology Forum of the Cameroonian Diaspora (VKII-FoSTDiC12) will be held from May 18th to 19th in Dortmund. This forum will offer many insights in the areas of knowledge and technology transfer between North and South based on the example of Germany and Cameroon.The program promises a wide range of presentations, plenary sessions, live demonstrations and parallel workshops. Program features include:

• Appropriated technologies and local innovations in sub-Saharan Africa (Open Sources, Mobile Apps etc.)
• eHealth, health information systems and telemedicine
• ICT and transnational education (eLearning, virtual universities etc.)
• eLibraries and open educational resources and repositories
• Business incubator, transformation of research results into local innovation
• Co-working places, mobile and living labs in Africa
• Financing cooperative research and innovation between Germany and Africa
• International cooperation and sustainable development
• Telepresence, outsourcing of IT Processes to Africa
• Diaspora, knowledge and technology transfer
• eInfrastructure, eAgriculture, eParticipation, eGoverment, social/professional, virtual network

About 250 key stakeholders in the field of ICT (Institutions | National
and international companies | SMEs | Academia | Research
institutes | Etc.) coming from all over Europe, North America and
Africa are invited. They are Project managers; heads of research
labs; engineers; deans, directors, lecturers
and researchers from universities, Representatives from international development
cooperation agencies; representatives of diaspora associations;
stakeholders from the economic industry among others.

Registration can be done under the following link!