Fernando Sandrini Fernando Sandrini

Not doing business in Brazil yet? Our company can assist you!

Please access http://www.sdrcs.com.br to know more about SDR Consulting a Brazilian company specialized in assisting foreign companies to do business with Brazil.

Finding the right partner to your company is mandatory for success.

2014 is a very important year in Brazil, with the World Cup and all the attention drove into here it is the ideal time for foreign companies to start doing business here.

On our website you can contact our company telling more about your business and we will provide more info about us, services, how to expand to Brazil, tips, and a lot of other information.

We look forward to your contact.

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Amanpreet Kohli Amanpreet Kohli Premium

Sir , Very much interested in having business of our products of Automobile spares and allied items in Brazil .Will be contacting you on your website.