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Regional affairs and intercultural qualification

Dear all,

Is there anyone who could provide me with information or sources of information on the following topics:

Regional Affairs and Intercultural Qualification in the area of Economics: Parallels and Differences between Germany and the UK and/or USA;

Regional Affairs and Intercultural Qualification in the area of Public Relations and Marketing: Parallels and Differences between Germany and the UK and/or USA.

That is, what similarities or differences are there in the way PR and Marketing are approached in Germany and the USA or the UK, for example.

Thanks in advance.

Maria Schmitz

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The Global Natives' Education Network: a call for generous synergies

"The Global Natives' Education Network" would love to have your support:
Tell families with bright and curious kids about it ! Here is why:

You remember Jamie Oliver's famous "FEED ME BETTER" campaign?
It changed the quality criteria of the food children eat at school and it did a lot for public awareness. Parental Pals' equivalent is the "GIVE ME PERSPECTIVES" appeal of SharedMindspace.Org

It's obvious: healthy food had better taste good too to be a success and good education should be a daily inspiration for young brains.
The emotional, social and economic cost of letting our kids' health and talent go to waste is unacceptably high. We all want our children to reach their potential with a smile on their face and we don't want bureaucratic laziness and long outdated systems to hinder them!

"Shared Mindspace" gives real perspectives: it provides adolescents with a wide range of opportunities to see, learn and experience. It offers living proof that for every kid who wants to look the world in the eye there is a peer with a curious mind who is ready and keen to share. Parental Pals are parents who create efficient, safe and affordable access to global education for their kids: they establish relaible partnerships between families (both national and international) to exchange their Haves and Wants. ParentalPal.Org's job is to make great matches possible and create ideal synergies.

We are not looking for donations or investors (here is why:, our aim is to connect with families who want to connect with the world. We shall cross the 100.000 members threshold by or before next spring, so the choice of inspiring and helpful partners is growing daily!
To let others know about it please visit the project site http://SharedMindspace.Org and use the "Share" options to spread the word.

Thank you kindly for your support, we are quite sure there will be genuine appreciation from your recipients too!

ParentalPal.Org is a social profit organization.

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PS: Do you know the "C & C" criteria of really going somewhere? It used to be "Cash and Connections". We're changing it to "Curiosity and Commitment" !