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Israel Has The World's Safest Airline — And It's About To Get Even Safer

"What's the safest airline in the world? There's no question. It's El Al, Israel's national airline." -- CBS

So states the television news magazine 60 Minutes, in an unequivocal endorsement of Israel's national airline. There are many factors that make El Al the No. 1 airline to fly if you don't want to worry about terrorism -- stringent security measures for all passengers, sky marshals aboard every plane, steel doors securing the cockpit. All of these reduce the risk that terrorists will make mischief inside a plane.

And now, Israel is taking the lead in adding a new level of security to eliminate the risk of having terrorists try to take a plane down from outside.

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Kiryat Gat

Anyone able to help with answers to these questions ...

Cost of rental accomadation
o 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms
o House vs. Apartment
o Furnished vs. Unfurnished

Cost of Furniture Rental
o 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms

Are there English Speaking Schools
· K-12 Options and pricing

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You may want to look at:

Although in Hebrew, you will see the Price in the middle column followed by the room count.

Kiryat Gat will show as "קרית גת"
Apartment is "דירה" or "יחידת דיור"
House is "פרטי" or "קוטג'"

Almost all apartments are offered unfurnished.

If you are willing to commute, it's 40 minutes from Tel-Aviv or 35 minutes from Be'er Sheva (the time does not reflect the actual distance) by train.

As for English speaking schools ... perhaps the embassy/consulate would have information. I'm assume that living in Tel-Aviv would increase the chances of finding one ...