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Please help: Survey on agile software development

Dear KDE community

I'm writing my bachelor thesis entitled "Agile methods in software development, concepts and their perception" To this end I have created a short questionnaire and would ask you to take some minutes to the questionnaire and please complet them. You would make an important contribution and a great help to me!

The survey is a purely scientific purpose, the data will be anonymous of course and not disclosed to third parties. For questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much for your support!
Stefan Fessler

You may also like the text below in some of you used to post online forums.
Dear user or e-mail recipient,

As part of my bachelor thesis for the course "management, communication and IT" at the Management Center Innsbruck (University of applied sciences in Austria) I aim to run an online survey on Agile concepts in software development and its perception.
The evaluation of your data will be used to represent the use and acceptance of agile methods.
In order to collect a large number of votes, I would be grateful if you could spread this survey via email or in online forums.

Many thanks for taking the time to participate in my questionnaire!
Stefan Fessler

The duration of the survey will be between 7 - 10 minutes.
Your responses are completely anonymous and will be kept strictly confidential.
If you are interested in the results of the evaluation, or have any questions, then please leave a message on my homepage. Alternatively email