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Thomas Gabriel Thomas Gabriel Moderator

7th KNIME User Group Meeting and Workshops, Zurich, 12-14 February 2014

Date: 2014/02/12 - 2014/02/14
Event location: Auditorium, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

We are delighted to be able to invite you to attend the 7th KNIME User Group Meeting and Workshops on February 12-14, 2014 in Technopark, Zurich, Switzerland. This annual event serves as an international forum to discuss KNIME and how it is used in various fields such as business and customer intelligence, analytics and the life sciences. It brings together practitioners and researchers from around the world to explore KNIME and examine how KNIME is used in different industries.

BREAKING NEWS: Dean Abbott will be holding a workshop about "Strategies for Building Predictive Models in KNIME" on Friday morning, Feb 14, (free for UGM attendees), register today to reserve your seat.

The User Group Meeting will be accompanied by an interesting week of workshops, offering a more intimate encounter with KNIME on Monday and Tuesday with our KNIME User Training sessions before the User Group meeting itself on Wednesday and Thursday and followed by special KNIME Labs, KNIME Community and KNIME Partner Workshops on Friday.

Our meeting planning crew is preparing a varied program for the two UGM days. It will focus on KNIME and KNIME's enterprise products, taking you behind the scenes to give you an insight into what is being developed in the KNIME Labs for the future as well as providing space for talks about various applications and how they use KNIME’s considerable scope. We will also be checking out what the KNIME Community has to say in our partner and community sessions and you will have ample opportunity to network with other KNIME users during the social program.

And if you are interested in learning more about the very core of KNIME, why not even join the KNIME Developer Training a few days later on Monday and Tuesday, February 17-18!

Thomas Gabriel Thomas Gabriel Moderator

KNIME Meetup Berlin - January 2014

Date: 2014/01/30
Event location: Mobile Suite, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin

The second Berlin KNIME meetup will be at the 30th January 2014, at the co-working space mobilesuite in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. The meetup will start at 17:00.

The topic of the meetup will be "KNIME meets R". The idea is to show and explain the KNIME nodes of the R integration, show interesting application stories, use cases or workflows. Of course there will be time for questions, discussions, snacks and drinks.

For those of you who don't have much experience with KNIME or never used KNIME before, we will do a 45min KNIME crash course during the hour before the regular meetup (17:00-18:00). The real thing starts at 18:00. The crash course is an opportunity to quickly get familiar with KNIME, learn basic usage and some tips and tricks.

If you have any suggestions send an e-mail to or use the meetup forum. The registration will be free of charge. Register at

17:00 KNIME Crash Course for Beginners
17:45 Networking
18:00 Official Start: "KNIME meets R"
• The KNIME R integration
• Integration of plots created in R
• Integration of models created in R
~19:30 Networking

Thomas Gabriel Thomas Gabriel Moderator

TODAY at 6pm: KNIME Webinar "Learning KNIME through the EXAMPLES Server"

This 1-hour free webinar introduces you to the world of data mining applications and techniques by exploring the EXAMPLES Public Server available within the KNIME open source data analytics platform.

Indeed, KNIME provides you with over a 100 example applications in many different fields. Example workflows complete with data are downloadable for free from the EXAMPLES public server and represent a great starting point for your own application.

Designed for new KNIME users, the webinar will show how to access the applications, install any needed extensions for extra functionality you might need, and finally how to use the applications on YOUR data. We’ll highlight popular data mining techniques, review advanced data manipulation topics and end with a look at some of the famous KNIME business applications including web analytics, social media analytics, churn retention, credit scoring, text processing, and network analytics!

Thomas Gabriel Thomas Gabriel Moderator

KNIME Meetup Berlin am 5. November 2013

KNIME kommt nach Berlin! Wir laden ein zum 1. KNIME Meetup Berlin am 5. November 2013 ab 18:00 Uhr zum Thema Social Media Analytics in KNIME.

Lokation und Programm sind noch völlig offen, lasst euch überraschen. Aber es wird natürlich um KNIME gehen. Falls ihr eigene Vorschläge habt oder sogar selbst in lockerer Atmosphäre vortragen möchtet, schreibt eine E-Mail an

Die Registrierung für das Meetup ist eröffnet und kostenlos. Wir freuen uns darauf, euch beim Meetup in Berlin zu begrüßen und werden euch über das aktuelle Programm auf dem Laufenden halten.