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MAE Happy our Monday 28 May 18:30 in Mannheim

Dear Everybody,
Please see the forwarded mail below from Cynthia Wharton.
Thank you and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi everyone - and please forward if I missed an email above!

We had a wonderful evening in Frankfurt last Thursday, and hope some of you who could not make it will be able to join us in Mannheim.

Several of you said you might be coming late - please let me know for sure if you think you will arrive after 9pm -- we will wait of course! My email is and mobile is +1 (803) 404-1267

IMBA alum Tsvete Eneva made a reservation at Bootshau in Mannheim - Monday May 28 at 18:30 - It's right on the Neckar River and looks fun - open til 1am.

bootshaus - café restaurant events
hans-reschke-ufer 3
68165 mannheim

transit stop: Fernmeldeturm
tel 0621 3247767 (with link to map)

Meanwhile, hope you are having a lovely weekend!!


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