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LinkedIn to XING or XING to LinkedIn ? Question for YOU

I have some questions for you. Please provide your thoughts and input;

1. Are you familiar with LinkedIN (http://www.linkedin.com) ?
2. Have you ever offered people in your network to connect with you in Xing?
3. Have you ever received a negative reply with a reasoning similar to this "I'm already on LinkedIn, I do not want to maintain contacts in two or more solutions! "
4. Do you find it frustrating, that in order to utilize your full network, you have to maintain two or more networking accounts, f.ex. Xing and LinkedIn ?

Well, I have come across this "issue" numerous times. For that reason, I am forced to maintain and, for that matter, expand my LinkedIn account, eventhough I find Xing offers me more value at a more affordable pricetag.

SO - here's another question for you;

5. What in your opinion is the best argument for a LinkedIn enthusiast to join Xing?

And yet another question

6. Would it be valuable to you to subscribe to an online solution, that will help you maintain two or more networks allowing you to syncronize contacts and more?

Looking forward to your input

Best regards

Michael Leander Nielsen

PS: Merry xmas and a prosperous New Year to you !

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