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Free mobile application that gives you opportunity to become profit sharing member of Perfect Internet based in USA

Perfect Internet is coming up with a new mobile app that will enable you to sell your goods and/or services at a cheaper price than you can due to the fact that you will do without advertising costs since you will get free 7/24 online marketing for your business and you will meet members scattered globally of this member driven website who are ready to buy from their platform.

It will enable buyers to get relatively cheaper deals than it could be possible otherwise due the fact above.

Currently, it is in pre-launch mode and there is opportunity for you to become profit sharing member of the website if you will join and invite others to do the same up to 1st October 2013 when this opportunity will be gone and the mobile app will be officially launched.
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Shafi Abeid Shafi Abeid

Learn how to link income statement, cash flow and balance sheet online for free

Now you can read first and second lessons on financial modeling using excel for free that will give you a big picture of how to do financial modeling using excel. This is proprietary methodology developed by Mr Shafi Kaluta Abedi who is the Founder of and Managing Consultant at Biznocrats Consulting Enterprise. The methodology projects cash flow in a transparent way such that you don't need to reverse engineer your cash flow projection for the purpose of business valuation. Yet, this is the projection which bankers would love to see due to its style of presenting each cash flow item as a stand-alone and hence enhance transparency in reporting cash flow items compared to traditional way of cash flow projection which starts with profit before tax and then adjust for non-cash items and then movement in working capital items to determine cash flow from operations. Check this out