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Hello everyone! I've been working in Positive Power Sp. z o.o. - the Internet Software House from Poland. We specialize in bespoke software systems that facilitate business processes and management. We provide mobile applications, B2B systems, ecommerce platforms development applying scrum framework, as well as IT outsourcing. Company key facts: - 12 years on the European market, - over 500 projects carried out, - over 80 skilled in-house IT specialists and new media experts, - member of Positive Technology Group (http://www.en.positivetechnology.pl), - member of INDATA Software SA, a Polish holding of IT companies. For more information check our website and FB: http://www.en.positive-power.pl/ https://www.facebook.com/positivepowerpl?fref=ts
Viktor Bogdanov Viktor Bogdanov

Video-Interview: Die rechtliche Seite beim Outsourcing

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fritzemeyer, IT-Rechtsanwalt, Baker&McKenzie, spricht im Ciklum Seminar "Software Outsourcing - Anspruch und Wirklichkeit" über die rechtliche Seite beim Outsourcing. Themen: - Juristisches Projektmanagement beim IT-Outsourcing - Einordnung und Struktur des Vertrages, Rechtswahl - Weitere tangierte Rechtsgebiete wie z.B. Arbeits-, Datenschutz- und Steuerrecht - Lizenzmanagement und Schutz des geistigen Eigentums - Wesentliche Vertragsklauseln - Mängelhaftung und Haftung für Schäden - Exit, Providerwechsel und Backsourcing Sehen Sie das Video-Interview hier http://www.ciklum.de/it-outsourcing-knowledge-center/video/related/view/Die-rechtliche-Seite-beim-Outsourcing/#
Viktor Bogdanov Viktor Bogdanov

CIO of Mecom Group Shares His Company’s Digital Sourcing Strategy

Torben Lundberg, CIO at Mecom Group, Europe's Major Consumer Publishing Group, shares a case study of how they enable media innovation across digital platforms with a well-developed IT sourcing strategy. In his presentation Torben Lundberg focuses specifically on Mecom’s: - mobile framework, - role in the e-commerce value chain / e-commerce model, - social buying with Sweetdeal and - sourcing of digital IT (outsourcing, nearshoring with Ciklum and cloud sourcing) The bottom line of Torben Lundberg’s presentation is as follows: although in today’s media business 85% of revenue still come from print and only 15% come from Digital, Digital is making up a significantly larger part of the profit and growing at a very fast pace! View the presentation @ http://www.blog.ciklum.com/2012/11/cio-of-mecom-group-shares-his-company%E2%80%99s-digital-innovation-and-it-sourcing-strategy/
Viktor Bogdanov Viktor Bogdanov

Video: Die Rolle des Outsourcing in der heutigen Globalisierung

Dr. Jörg Stimmer, Geschäftsführer der Plixos Gmbh, spricht im Ciklum Seminar "Software Outsourcing - Anspruch und Wirklichkeit" über die Rolle des Outsourcing in der heutigen Globalisierung. Themen: - wozu werden uns der Fachkräftemangel und der demografische Wandel zwingen? - wie können kleine und mittlere Unternehmen Offshore/Nearshore für sich nutzen und durch die aufkommende Automatisierung und Standardisierung profitieren? - welche Kostenvorteile bestätigen Outsourcing - Erfahrene und was sind die notwendigen Anfangsinvestitionen? - welche Prozesse lassen sich (kontinuierlich) verbessern? Sehen Sie das Video @ http://www.ciklum.de/it-outsourcing-knowledge-center/video/related/view/Die-Rolle-des-Outsourcing-in-der-heutigen-Globalisierung/
Viktor Bogdanov Viktor Bogdanov

Webinar: How To Set Up and Manage Own Agile Software Development Center in Eastern Europe

Ciklum invites you to attend a free webinar that will demonstrate on a real-life case how the adoption of an alternative outsourcing model can help companies increase their business outcomes and become more sustainable and mature in terms of processes, technology and innovation. During the webinar you will get some practical tips on: - How to plan your long-term nearshore outsourcing "journey", choose the right destination and partner - How to access, hire and retain best-in-market software development resources for your project - How to make sure your software team is really Agile - How to improve your Agile development processes and team performance Our guest speaker is Andrea Salce, Founder and CEO of Salce Colada, the leading platform offering end-to-end event management solutions to marketing agencies and corporate marketing departments on the German speaking market. It is currently used by Siemens, CISCO, Citrix, Commerzbank and other "big brands". Learn more at http://www.ciklum.com/it-outsourcing-knowledge-center/webinars/How-To-Set-Up-and-Manage-Own-Agile-Software-Development-Center-in-Eastern-Europe/