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Recommend Marcin & Matylda's B&B

Recommend Marcin & Matylda's B&B

The space; rolling hills you see through the sleeping room’s window, tree tops, the skyline. A view distorted by nothing. Soothing and full of breath. The house; fresh bread wrapped in a piece of cloth, homemade cheese, a teapot. Tokens of security; the fireplace, the dogs and cats. Wooden benches and armchairs covered by patchwork blankets and crocheted coverlets. On the walls: old prints, archival photographs, black-and-white postcards. A travel in time; you can feel like in the 19th or early 20th century. A travel in space; Umgebinde walls, vintage furniture, a broad table, large beds, feather quilts. The house is huge; you can get lost here, hole up, retreat. The family; three daughters. Each one different, autonomous, shaped by the unique space. The hosts; warm, discreet. Helpful. They’ve grown into the area and understand it complex, Polish-German past. They know that Lower Silesia is a region like no other, European, mythical, unique. They know how to talk about it: without pathos, simply, with a smile. The travels; here you can find an 18th-century dated stone landmark in the middle of the vast forest, view the palace that the Japanese ambassador fled to from wartime Berlin, touch a yew tree that is over 1,200 years old. Everyone is a treasure seeker here. Whether geological, historical or spiritual, the treasures are there to find; you only need to know where to look. The road from Kopaniec to Chromiec; like leaving behind everything that is unnecessary. Green fields, gentle slopes that give way to the massive wooded mounds of the Izera Mountains. Grazing horses and cattle. Everything seems back in its place here. We are in a different land, one to which flock those who search for freedom. From the top of the Ostrzyca (Spitzberg), a volcanic neck, the view stretches in all directions. A complete silence that is interrupted only by the chirping of the birds and the rustle of the leaves. Undulating ground, villages scattered in the distance, a few cars threaded on the black line of the road. Somewhere, elsewhere, there are cities and their battles – on the basalt mountain top only thoughts and views. Sun-worship rituals are said to have been held here in the ancient past.

(text by Lidia Pańków)

For our guests we make available the top floor of a converted barn (8 x 12 m, built 1932): a large living room with a fireplace, two mezzanines (mattresses), a sleeping room (double bed), bathroom with shower cabin. Homemade food based on local produce. Fruit, vegetable and mushroom preserves. Child care.

Chromiec (Ludwigsdorf) is a small and very quiet village of scattered houses located on the northern slope of Smolnik (Pochberg, 624 m), in the valley of Kamienica (Kemnitzbach) river. Before 1945, it had Sommerfrische status and has retained its unique character to this day. While just a 15 minutes’ drive from the city, it serves as an entry gate to the virtually unknown part of the Izera Mountains, with dozens of kilometres of marked trekking, cycling and skiing trails. Numerous local producers offer fresh, delicious food, while several art galleries cater to the aesthetic tastes.

Jelenia Góra (Hirscherg) - 15 km
Szklarska Poręba (Schreiberhau) - 15 km
Świeradów Zdrój (Bad Flinsberg) - 15 km
Wrocław (Breslau) - 120 km
Praga (Prag) - 120 km
Drezno (Dresden) - 120 km

Kontakt; wawrzynczak@gmail.com

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