Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Measure what you should measure. Focus less on NAVEL GAZING METRICS. DOING the RIGHT THING FIRST, is the best way to approach measurement!

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Social Media Monitoring - Tools

Dear Group Members
We have shifted to the new group design - they moved us. I took this as a chance to send you something.

HOW DO YOU MONITOR your Twitter activities?

Do you also get a WEEKLY summary from Twitter like I got for one account (see below 100 FOLLOWERS ONLY).

Is this useful to you? WHAT OTHER TOOL DO YOU USE for Twitter monitoring?
PLEASE help me out on this.... so many tools but WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE?
Happy sun bathing!

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Social Media (Monitoring) Tools 2014


Thanks so much for this post. I am curious... where can I find which cirtiria were used to establish this ranking.
Nowhere on this chart....

What is the best tool and why .... could you not tell a bit please? That would be helpful. For me the study methodology is unclear.


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Setting Measurable Goals that make SENSE

Dear Group Member

When you measure your social media activity, how do you measure? We discussed the best FREE tools here: (IS YOUR favorite ONE missing? - PLEASE add it).

How do you know all this work on Xing is useful?
How do you know that your Facebook likes or comments make a diff?
HAVE YOU SET GOALS? Can you measure these?
What do you think. Please add your comments telling us WHAT works BEST FOR YOU.

PS. in German - some thoughts:

Urs E. Gattiker
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One of the objectives I have is.....
Do I get new jobs out of all this work.
A job could be many things including giving a talk or selling software... but money changes hands eventually.
So I love these things such as Likes, Google Plus thumbs up and so forth but evbentually, there needs to be more.

What does everybody else think about this challeng?

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Barcamp Bodensee 2014 - July 5-6 THIS WEEKEND

2013 we wrote about the Barcamp Bodensee 2013....

This year again All about The topics such as

- Creative Commons
- Community Organizing
- Barcampers help Barcampers
- Data management

I am impressed. Who else is there? #BCBS14

Urs E. Gattiker
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