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Perinaldo in Liguria - the village of e-Learning

Almost exactly 10 years ago I, lifted together with staff of the Goethe Institute Genoa, the first e-learning project was launched. Together with software developers from Switzerland, the learning system e-Learn Professional is designed and created courses in marketing, sales and customer service.

Meanwhile, of course, e-Learn Professional developed. So the options, for example the integration of knowledge from the Internet or knowledge of e-books have been extended. And the possibilities of coaching over the net and the Erstellungvon Progress statistics extended. A coaching system, the luggs-e-coach, was newly developed. The luggs-e-coach controls and "controlled" chance processes for sales organizations and also for "closed loop marketing."

Suggestion: Why not combine even holiday and relax in this beautiful area and detailed inform of the new and future aspects of learning. The "La Riana" (, the E-Learning Meeting Point in e-learning Village Perinaldo ( it makes you a very special offer: stay 6 days, pay only 4 days. And if you do predict what you are most interested in the future world of learning, then we make an individual program for you.

In "La Riana" Today is also the author Perinaldo school. Here, people can write a non-fiction or reference book or her biography. In early fall, there will be a seminar on how to write crime novels.

If you have any requests or questions please send an e-mail to or call me on 0172 7414158th

Speaking of: image impressions about the project can be found here:

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Portail d'annonces immobilières spécialisées

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