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new club in Innsbruck

I am teaching English courses in Innsbruck, and colleagues and students have told me they would like to have a local Toastmasters Club. So I need some help building it! We will have our first meetings at the end of April. Now, I need to build up interest and I will probably make a Xing and a Facebook group. If you can help by attending any meetings, for instance through May - August, or with contacts, please tell me. Thanks, Graham

Gaby Brandmayr Gaby Brandmayr

Hi Graham, I would really like to meet Toastmasters Club in Innsbruck! (Got this xing note via Albert Frantz, Vienna) Pls contact 0676-5561088 or

Jutta Boesch Jutta Boesch

[New Member]

Dear Fellow Toastmasters!
As member of the Hedgehog Toastmasters Club Buxtehude I am happy to also join the Toastmasters Xing Club.
As VP PR I am especially interested in sharing and exchanging PR campaign ideas!
Looking forward to receiving valuable and precious information.

Manuel Marsch Manuel Marsch Premium

Toastmasters-Club in Mainz


hab gehört, dass ein neuer Toastmasters-Club in Mainz gegründet werden soll.
Wer weiss hier näheres?



Götz Müller
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Hallo zusammen,

für mich Neuland aber sehr spannend. Gibt es aktuelle Termine in Mainz oder muss ich mich an Wiesbaden orientieren?

Herzliche Grüße,
Birgit Sinz

Sébastien Albert-Gondrand Sébastien Albert-Gondrand Premium

[New Member]

Hi Everybody,

My name is Sébastien. I am new by Toastmasters, I have started in December 2013, but I am very active. I am member of the Münchner Brainstormers (German Language) and attending as guest almost every week to the meetings of the Munich Prostmasters  (English Language) and of the CRFM, also in Munich (French Language). I am learning so much at toastmasters, and I was thinking that I maybe could learn more and take part  of some projects in your group…

Thanks for letting me join your group.

I wish you all a sunny weekend.

Best Regards,


Sébastien Albert-Gondrand Sabine Emden
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Sébastien Albert-Gondrand Sébastien Albert-Gondrand Premium

Hi Sabine, thanks a lot.
yes this is a lot, but this is so interesting. I believe you concerning the language, I had the same problem last week by the french club. Ich was really strange to me, despite the fact that I am french ...
I am working on the foundation of a new club in Germany in Landsberg am Lech, in German language. So if anybody is interested in a membership in Landsberg am Lech, let me know, I will need new members ...