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Webinar 11th April 2014: EU-funded Scholarship "Executive Training Programme" in Korea or Japan

The application deadline for the EU-funded scholarship Executive Training Programme (ETP) in Asia is just around the corner. Until 15th May 2014, all EU citizens interested in Japan and Korea can submit their applications.

For more information please visit the ETP website or register here for our webinar on ETP on the 11th April 2014. The webinar will present all relevant information about ETP and a recent graduate will share his experiences and will be happy to answer your questions.

Register here for the Webinar:

Or visit our website and apply online:

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What is the Executive Training Programme (ETP)?

The Executive Training Programme is a European Commission funded programme that provides European companies with the business, language and cultural training necessary for success in the Japanese and Korean markets. The ETP strengthens the presence of EU companies in Korea and Japan as well as the cultural and business links between those countries and the EU. The way business is done in Japan and Korea is so vastly different to how it is done in Europe that companies and executives doing business there need to be provided with specialist skills and insights necessary to succeed there. Growing the number of EU companies operating in Japan and Korea is a key strategic imperative for the European Commission.

Laura Schneider Laura Schneider

Join our Webinar on Construction and Building Technologies in Japan 2014...!

Date: Thursday, 6 February 2014
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM (CET)

EU Gateway is hosting a webinar targeted specifically at companies in the Construction and Building Technologies Sector with an interest in Japan.
Given that the application deadline for the upcoming Business Mission to Japan (7-11 July 2014) is on the way (14 February 2014), the one-hour session will give participants an overview of the EU Gateway Programme, the services companies can benefit from as well as the financial support offered, the application process, what to expect during the business week in Tokyo and the contribution required from participants in order to prepare. A past participant will also join the webinar in order to give insights into his/her experiences.

Please register via:

Anouska Serich Anouska Serich

リクルートメント・コンサルタント (東京)


金融サービス(バンキング オペレーション)

Are you someone who enjoys the challenge of gathering information and developing a network with top talented professionals in the Tokyo market and filtering them through the research process until a suitable shortlist is found?

Are you someone who is persuasive enough to get the information you want as far as is feasible in a short telephone conversation?

*Bilingual English and Japanese ability
*Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
*Patience, creativity, tenacity, persistence, because research analysts must be able to study and solve problems independently
*Good team work spirit and cultural sensitivity to work well with people from different countries and personalities.
*Strong multi-tasking ability and the ability to devise effective research strategy by utilizing a combination of tools, the internet, financial database as well as phone research.
*Experience of the financial markets or other sectors is not essential as we will train you.

We offer excellent compensation and career opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: This role will be based in Tokyo


You can also see more information on our Careers Website and glassdoor page:

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