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Global Business Opportunities Invited

Do you have a business opportunity that you would like to share with the UK Business Community?

Do you have a new product you want to export?

Are you looking for an Agent for your product or service?

We welcome your opportunity.. come along and join us today!

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Lawrence Perry Lawrence Perry

Dead duck - what sets you apart from other outsourcing companies? What is your USP? You'll need visible references which can be followed up - your greatest problem is going to be the wave of apathy here, particularly when we are being constantly spammed by Indian companies everyday.

Having been burnt in outsourcing in the Philippines, I will now only deal with expats.

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Europ. Translation Centre Ltd

ETC LTD Europ. Translation Centre Ltd,
72 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2LA, UK
Tel: 0044 (0)2032861442 * Mail: info@etcltd.de

Outsourcing of translations

ETC Europ. Translation Centre Ltd. provides foreign language translations by over 300 experienced multilingual native translators worldwide. The final translation will be carried out by a native speaker of the target language. Our comprehensive database of worldwide translators means that we can translate from and to a wide range of languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and many more. Altogether more than 325 language combinations are available from native speakers.
Increasing globalization means that it is increasingly important for your international business to present itself by means of a professional, multilingual website.
After years of working with businesses from around the world, ETC Europ. Translation Centre Ltd. has collected together an international network of translators, who are able to translate your website, thereby overcoming geographical, language and cultural barriers. Our translators translate your web texts clearly, aimed at target groups and understandable to all. One of the first things to decide, therefore, is whether the translation will remain exclusively a linguistic exercise or if the text will be published on the web site. If the job is strictly linguistic, we will obtain all the HTML content we require proceed with the translation, as if it were any other form of document to be translated.

Catalogues, instructions manuals, service and training manuals, service bulletins, dealer portals, event materials, intranet content, requests for proposal, requests for quote, or bid and Requests for Tender (RFTs), etc.
Annual reports, financial statements, human resources documents, international and intercultural communications, policies and guidelines, job openings, public relations materials, etc.
Technical, product and operating manuals, oil, gas & renewable energy documents, foreign oil, gas& renewable energy legislation, exploration and production documents, refining and commercialization documents, etc.
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Medical equipment, academic papers for specialized publications, medical charts, clinical trials, instructions for medical staff and patients, health care, research & development (R&D), hospital surveys, product packaging, medical records, consent forms, etc.
Certificates of accuracy, witness statements, depositions, trusts, wills, articles of incorporation, litigation documents, immigration documents, property/exhibit labels, patents, birth certificates, divorce decrees, settlements, etc.

Kind regards,

ETC Europ. Translation Centre Ltd
Joachim Kohler

E-Mail: info@etcltd.de
Telephone: (UK) 0044 2032861442 or (FR) 0033 977198488 or (USA) 001 202 6575190 or (DE) 004932126661144 or (Hong Kong) 00852 81763601 or (Japan) 0081 50 58063091