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Looking for experienced marketers in email marketing, social media marketing, chat room marketing and other marketing fields...

Hi, I am looking for experienced marketers in email marketing, social media marketing, chat room marketing and other marketing fields. You are invited to our private label program. You can earn high commission if you are good at one of them. For details: Looking forward to your response. Best wishes to you and your family! Please contact me by if you are interested. Lisa
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Recession Marketing

A great solution for advertising in reccesion: glooq It's a web-based advertising platform, which enables marketing professionals to feature advertisements in personal and corporate email traffic. It allows you to insert banners into each email you send. Your blog banner, your company banner or you charity banner – whatever you want. It includes features like ads shuffling and statistics analysis that help you see how effective your campaigns are – directly from your own Outlook console. International clients using the technology include: Audi; Holiday Inn; Motorola; Nissan; A DHL and Konica Minolta as well as leading advertising agencies such as TBWA, DDB, and McCann Ericson. Revolutionare has partners in the UK, Portugal, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, France, Germany and others making a total of 20 countries around the world. For personal use: Simply download and install it on your Outlook in 1 minute. check it at I welcome any questions,comments or new friends, Here or at cheers, Gabriel
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The evolving digital world

I would imagine that most members of this group are looking for very specific information that could help them in their business. As the nature of everyone's business differs so much, it is difficult to supply this. However, it is often useful to look at the 'big picure' - i.e. the broad environment in which you work. Now, as you are all obviously interested in web mediated marketing, you may find the article at the end of this link useful: This useful article is produced by the world economic forum and is available as a free download (excecutive summary) via the above link.
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Introduction to Jennifer Smith of Marketing Matters

Hi everyone I am a passionate marketer with 19 years business experience, 17 of which were spent in sales and marketing. I have worked for leading brand companies like L’Oreal, Unilever and Tiger Brands. My knowledge of the value chain was enhanced by spending time at Unifoods in purchasing and as category manager for Juice and Wine at Tetra Pak. As National Market Manager for the South African Sugar Association (SASA), I honed my skills as a marketing strategist. For the last five years I have researched and implemented generic marketing campaigns, conducting extensive consumer research, and effective communication strategies to market the benefits of table sugar to consumers. I was also responsible for a R250m industrial rebate budget which required me to apply my skills at developing and refining systems which were designed to mitigate risk and streamline claims processes for the benefit of the rebate recipient and also our processing team. I obtained my BA degree, two IMM diplomas in Advertising and Marketing management, and a Masters in Business Leadership in 1999. I rounded this knowledge base off with the Chartered Marketer Qualification in 2000. In May 2007 I started my own company, Marketing Matters, and will be harnessing my many years of practical and theoretical knowledge of business to provide a marketing strategy consulting service, spanning the full marketing function, from strategy development to full implementation. I believe that marketing is the blueprint for success of any organisation and that successful strategies must encompass the full value chain in order to deliver the most profitable and sustainable result to my customers. You can find out more about me and my services at my website . Accessing new media such these forums is new to me. I must say that unfamiliarity means that I have previously not taken the time to participate. Based on a sample of one it seems that it takes a trusted friend/colleague to introduce people to a forum. then it is a matter of the time and passion to engage in meaningful discussion around a central topic of interest. In April there was a conference held by Omega Conferences and sponsored by Microsoft, called the Marketing Show. It brought together a number of marketing and IT expertise to share their experiences and knowledge of the myriad ways in which IT is being utilised to market brands. if you go to you will find a wealth of information in the form of presentations and video clips. Happy reading. Carpe Diem Jennifer Smith I look forward to engaging with Geoff and the rest of the forum over the next few months.
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Business Networking Sites and research

I find the McKinsey website ( ) quite useful for short articles on the latest research on the role of the internet in business, generally, and social media in particular. Some of these articles are free, and are worth reading for the person interested in the subject matter. However, I am disappointed that there are no articles on how small business is dealing with social media, particularly Business Networking Sites, such as Xing, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Ryze, Plaxo-pulse. Yet , the media reports exceptional growth of and interest in these sites. Does anyone know of any research which has been done with these sites? Do you have any personal experience in this area - if you do it would be great to hear it.