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Noch 1 Woche Frühbucher-Special | Take Off and Stay Airborne

Liebe Freunde und Partner der WebTech Conference,

nur noch 1 Woche (bis Donnerstag, den 17. Juli) erhalten Sie mit unserem exklusiven Frühbucher-Special die Power Workshops Ihrer Wahl am 26. September kostenfrei. Erfahren Sie unter anderem alles über PHP Backends für Real-Time User Interaction in dem Workshop
„PHP Backends for Real-Time User Interaction using Apache Storm“ mit Mike Lohmann und Stefan Schadwinkel.

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PHP Backends for Real-Time User Interaction using Apache Storm
"Take Off and Stay Airborne" Workshop
Power Workshop am Sonntag, 26. September
mit Mike Lohmann und Stefan Schadwinkel (beide von DECK36)

Engaging users in real-time is the topic of our times. Whether it's a game, a shop, or a content-network, the aim remains the same: providing a personalized experience. In this workshop we will look under the hood of Apache Storm and lay a firm foundation on how to use it with PHP. By that, you can leverage your existing codebase and PHP expertise for an entirely new world: real-time analytics and business logic working on message streams. During the course of the workshop, we will introduce Apache Storm and take a look at all of its components.

We will then skyrocket the applicability of Storm by showing you how to implement their components with PHP. All exercises will be conducted using an example project, the infamous and most exhilarating lolcat kitten game ever conceived: Plan 9 From Outer Kitten. In order to follow the hands-on excercises, you will need a development VM prepared by us with all relevant system components and our project repositories. To make the workshop experience as smooth as possible for all participants, please bring a prepared computer to the workshop, as there will be no time to deal with installation and setup issues.

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