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Two cultures in the spotlight

Hello everybody, Within my Bachelor’s Thesis I will do a comparison of the Germans’ and the Mexicans’ perception of common situations in every-day business life. To conduct a valid study I need as much participants as possible for my Online-Survey. So please take 5 minutes and help me!
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How happy are you at work? ¿Qué tan feliz estas en el trabajo?

I was hoping you could help contribute to our global research with WSJ. In return you'll get a free snapshot report of how productive and happy you are at work. just scroll to the bottom of this page - The survey and report is available in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Korean, Malay, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. The results will be analyzed by country, industry and gender to find out who's happiest and most productive at work. And if you want tor read the whole blog, here it is . Finally please do forward or tweet the links to your friends, colleagues and family! Many thanks for your support
Nikolaus Nowak S. Nikolaus Nowak S.

Filial de Empresa Alemana de "Comida Rápida" en México

Estoy en contacto con una importante empresa alemana del ramo de comida rápida, y estamos por iniciar operaciones en México. Para esto, estamos buscando personas como inversionistas para participar en este proyecto (inversión entre $100-$500mil pesos). Interesados por favor visiten o comuníquense conmigo aquí en XING. Saludos, Nikolaus Nowak