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The Hanse Service logistics GmbH is currently operating successfully as a medium enterprise forwarding agency specialized in pharmaceutical products in Germany and the European Union. Recognizing potential in the worldwide pharmaceutical logistics market, Hanse Service’s first expansion attempt in its history into the Chinese pharmalogistics market has proved to be an important step in strengthening its position in the niche market of pharmalogistics. Increasing demand for specialized logistics services together with rising macro-economical factors are indicating the attractiveness of the Indian market. Therefore to increase our business activities we are looking for a well known cooperation partner in India with a network and longtime experience in pharma logistic and cold chain solutions. Founded in 1983 we grew steadily and implement different branches and own warehouses in Germany especially focused on cold chain goods like pharma and medicine products. We have developed a special department in pharma and organic products logistics and having successfully built up a new branch and company label – Pharmalogisticspartner. Under this branch we are offering high quality services and understand our self as an enabler between the pharma industry in general and the customer from the buyside. The combination of interacting with an European network of certificated and for that reason trustworthy transport companies with modern fleets and technologies and our core competences in the field of sea freight, air freight, truck transport , own warehousing 10.000qm , pick pack, and distribution gives us the opportunity to offer a state-of-the-art service in Europe in this segment. Since today we have a wide range of interesting clients and now we are concentrated to push our expanding activities to the Indian market. We would be very proud to establish first contacts for a possible cooperation and are sure that we can create synergies and both parties will participate from cooperation at the end. I look forward to hear from you soon. Warm regards from the North of Germany,
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