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This is a cordial invitation for an online event about the triple accredited MBA from the leading Business School of Stellenbosch University.

During this online informative session, we will discuss the Stellenbosch MBA and its strong focus on a unique leadership model and critical thinking skills. You'll also have the opportunity of asking questions. If you are interested, feel free to join like other professionals from all around the world:
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How to Apply for Permanent Residence in South Africa

Everything you need to know about permanent residence permit application, including info on work and business visa requirements. Read the full article here: Please take a moment to leave your comments or thoughts below.
Moosa Lubega Dr. Moosa Lubega Premium
South Africa is now for only rich people , there is nothing offered free or Cheap by the Government. Application process for permits is complicated as going straight to heaven. Law for immigration change has made it worse, not to talk on that , new law to bar foreigners to own land is on the way. What interest in all that?