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18./19. September - Character Animation mit Kyle Balda (Pixar, ILM, ......)

„Character Animation Master Class” mit Kyle Balda (u.a. Pixar, ILM, ...)

Seminarbeschreibung und -durchführung in Englischer Sprache!

About the master class:

Above all, the goal of the class is to help animators increase their skills for creating believable and entertaining performances in the characters they animate. There are two major aspects in the métier of animation that contribute to this. The first is that the characters move in believable ways and have proper weight and physicality.

And the second, more important aspect is that the characters think and feel through strong acting, so they may come alive on screen. Only when the audience empathizes with the characters can they be effectively led through the story of the film. The material in the Masterclass aims to answer to these questions of acting and physicality to make believable characters and tell entertaining stories ...

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