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Accenture: Consumers Want Better Touch and Feel Retail Experience

Accenture: Consumers Want Better Touch and Feel Retail Experience

by Erica deVry, Staff Reporter
March 20th, 2010

Erica deVry, Staff Reporter

A recent study from Accenture has found out that three out of four consumers want to visit a physical store when they are purchasing a communications product or service. However they are not very satisfied with their experience and would only rate it an average. The study was conducted on 3,000 consumers in 18 countries to find out how the physical stores can help communications companies in building stronger customer relationships.

The consumers were asked about what they want to do and what expectations they have from a communications store, in order to find out how these physical stores can help in building stronger customer relationships. Over 56% of consumers who were surveyed had bought a mobile phone, wireless phone plan, or a cable television service at a store in the last one year. According to the survey, 75% of consumers, mostly 18 to 34 year old professionals look forward to visiting a physical store when buying communications related products or services. Out of the total number of respondents, nearly 77% feel that a physical store is essential for a communications provider.

The survey also made some more observations such as: 63% of consumers who made a purchase related to communications product in the last one year, did it at some company owned store. 77% of consumers felt the quality of the store experience is of prime importance when deciding which communications provider you should do business with. Nearly 59% of consumers said their experience at a retail store was good, while 30% felt their experience was fair or poor and only 11% replied that their experience was excellent.

Amongst the attributes which were chosen to be of prime importance, product availability was the most important (56%), followed by knowledgeable staff (54%), attitude of staff (32%) , and speed of service (28%). When questioned about satisfaction levels, 57% said they were satisfied with product availability, 60% were satisfied with store sales and level of knowledge of service staff. 61% were satisfied with staff attitude while 44% were satisfied with speed of service.

John Liesching, executive director, retail, Communications practice, Accenture, said, “In today’s highly competitive environment, retail stores must perform much better in terms of satisfaction, especially since consumers’ needs and expectations are much higher,” said “Retail will continue to be an important battleground and having a strong retail presence will serve as a major differentiator to help providers attract and retain customers. There are significant opportunities to improve all of the components that make up a store experience, especially on those attributes that consumers value most, such as in-stock percentage; knowledge, attitude, and availability of staff; and speed of service.”