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Capgemini Extends Its Existing BPO Outsourcing Agreement with Syngenta

by Christina Broder, Staff Reporter
February 20th, 2010

Christina Broder, Staff Reporter

The existing business contract between Capgemini UK plc, and Syngenta, a global leader in crop production and seed producer of the agricultural industry was renewed this month. The renewal of this long standing relationship will see substantial improvements in process and increased standardization across more countries. The new contract is for a period of seven years which is for all the finance and accounting services delivered by Capgemini along with an addition of procurement services. These services will be delivered to all Syngenta business units which are present in 50 countries across the globe. These services are aimed at helping

Syngenta achieve standardization of process for all their units worldwide and thus improve operational performance.

Capgemini has been involved with the process by using the unparalleled Global Process Model© (GPM) tools and features to deliver high quality services to Syngenta. The Capgemini Global BPO is also using the Command Center solution which helps in providing a global view of various geographically scattered customer interactions and enterprise-wide insights of operational trends as well as customer trends.

Hubert Giraud, Global Leader of Capgemini Global BPO, said "We are proud to extend our partnership with Syngenta and are delighted to be so intrinsically involved in the success of their business processes optimization," "The complex nature of transformation and the wide global scope of this new service is a testament to the talent of our joint teams and Capgemini’s unique abilities in delivering best practice professional processing."

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Syngenta will use the Rightshore® global delivery model from Capgemini to get services from centers in Brazil, India, and Guatemala. This will be in addition to services provided from Poland and China. The new multi-process agreement will also see Capgemini use its BPOpen™ technology platform in order to support a faster and more cost-effective extension of the current services.

Capgemini has already been recognized in the field of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with a variety of solutions in areas like Finance & Accounting, Customer Care & Intelligence, Procurement, Assurance Management, Human Resources and Knowledge Process Outsourcing services. As per the Rightshore® delivery model BPO professionals cater to clients 24 hours a day and 7 days every week in more than 35 languages through centers located in Brazil, Chile, Canada, Australia, India, Guatemala, US, and Poland.