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Deloitte Hosts Deloitte International Student Business Forum

by Ethan Strassfield, Staff Reporter
March 20th, 2010

Ethan Strassfield, Staff Reporter

Deloitte’s 2010 International Student Business Forum (ISBF) recently hosted in Athens, Greece for 77 attendees revealed interesting insights into how students (potential new hires) are viewing their employers in light of the current economic crisis. Rash firings, salary freezes, delayed starts, lack of responses from employers are clearly impacting their image portrayed to potential candidates.

45% of students indicated the recent global economic downturn has increased their scrutiny of potential employers; 48% said that the recession has diminished their trust in the authority and capabilities of corporate and government leaders; and 87% consider strong ethics, integrity, and values important qualities in an employer. 95% said a commitment to learning and development was important; as was the importance of advancement opportunities and career paths.

According to Vassi Naidoo, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) Global Managing Partner, Talent, “The recent global recession brought into question the integrity and ethical behavior of many public and private sector organizations. As this survey indicates, young adults are looking to join employers with strength of conviction, integrity and ethics, and it is up to companies and organizations to deliver on that."

Showing that Deloitte has all the key attributes of a model employer, Kent Kirch, DTT Global Director of Talent Acquisition & Mobility, said "The results of this poll underscore the desire of students to find employers who will provide them with opportunities to learn, develop, and grow in their careers. Deloitte member firms are committed to providing their people with the tools and knowledge they need to not only deliver valued service to clients, but also develop and succeed in their own careers. The International Student Business Forum is an opportunity to help develop talented students who may one day work for a Deloitte firm or client.”