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Kodak und Social B2B: Turning Friends, Followers and Fans into Sales

Madleen Nicholas (Kodak Social Media Manager EAMER) hat einen interessanten Vortrag zum Thema Kodak und Social B2B gepostet. Hier nur einige Highlights: - You can BUY ATTENTION. (Advertising) BEG for ATTENTION from the media. (PR) BUG people one at a time to get ATTENTION. (Sales) Or you can EARN ATTENTION by creating something INTERESTING and VALUABLE and then publish it online for FREE. - 91% of B2B buyers read blogs, view videos, or listen to podcasts online. - The Principles of Content Marketing. 1. It’s NOT about you. 2. It’s NOT about your products. 3. It’s RELEVANT. 4. It ANSWERS questions. 5. It’s EASY to read. 6. It supports BUSINESS OBJECTIVES. 7. It provides PROOF. Den sehr spannenden Vortrag von Madlen findet man unter
Madlen Nicolaus Madlen Nicolaus
Danke Frank fuers Posten meines Vortrages und der Zusammenfassung! Viele Gruesse Madlen