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Serguei Tchepik Serguei Tchepik

Need a graphic designer? Let's talk !

Who am I?

Serguei Tchepik, 360° Freelance Art Director, since May 2005, born in August 25, 1979 in Kiev, former USSR. I live in Paris since 1993. Regarding education, I‘ve got a Masters degree in Visual Communications at Créapole in 2005 (yes, the dates of the beginning of my activity as a freelancer are the same, it is normal).

What do I do?

360 ° implies a certain flexibility, but if I say "everything", it will just demonstrate a lack of humility. So first things first.

Here is my website :

I can design any graphic identity of a commercial entity (event, business, artist, person, thing, product etc.).. I also can adjust the existing graphic ID to something new, but recognizable by the already existing customers.

As for the web, I can design and build a site from A to Z (vitrine, e-shop, or community website ), from scratch, according to the constraints of the W3C (or not, because I'm not a Taliban). I am always looking for new technologies or new discoveries to facilitate or optimize the process of creating Web communication tools, I am "in" concerning what is or will be soon used in webdesign.

3D, animation and video are also part of my skills. I happen quite frequently to use i3D in print (when, for example, the visual needed for production is not available and the client's budget isn’t big enough to hire a photographer.). I am also interested very closely to the 3D applied to webdesign (Away 3D), which for me is an underestimated technology.
3D and video are often linked together, so I learned how to edit a video and the use of special effects in various projects.
The 2D animation (cartoon or not) is also a part of my field of work. This involves both the creation of "Full Flash" sites and video clips or cartoons.

Who trusts me?

As I said above, 360 ° implies a certain flexibility, so my current customer base is very broad. This means that I am equally capable of understanding the problem of a coffee shop, whose image is to create virtually "from scratch", as a large account, whose fame is no longer at all to do.

My clients, past or present, are Asahi Breweries Ltd., L'Oreal, Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione, Vivienne Westwood, Cacharel, the coefficient, BGP, communication agencies such as RGB Publishing, to name a few.

What is my vision of the work?

Since May 2005, I apply a method I call Quadriphase. In other words, any project is divided into four distinct stages. Of course, the progress of the workflow it depends on the project itself, constraints, etc. required., Quadriphase is flexible and can be adapted almost to anything.

For example, in a project "from scratch", the first step is to provide the customer a choice of visual aspects of it. The number of proposals may vary, but usually we have 3 proposals for a site or a brochure and 10 for a logo. This step is necessary to define the art direction, and then refine (by reducing the number of choices) and lead to permanent visual.
The second is the development of the project. If in the case of a print project "from scratch", it would be mostly defining the usage and the articulation of the printed graphic communication tools, in the case of a web project, this would be setting up the engine and the design integration. It it is an animation project, it would be the qtoryboard application to the characters and scenario.
The third step concerns generally diffrent tests, often with a panel of consumers as part of the client’s core target.
The fourth phase is necessary to "make adjustments" before the delivery of the project.