David Faragó David Faragó PremiumModerator

new Toastmaster-Club in STRASBOURG: First meeting: Tuesday, Oct. 02, 8:15pm; second meeting: Tuesday, Oct. 30, 8:15pm

Dear TM and TM2B,

Carsten K. is creating a new TM-Club, this time in Strasbourg. The meetings will be located at

Boeing Auditorium, International Space University,
1 rue Jean-Dominique Cassini,
F-67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

See https://www.xing.com/app/events?op=detail;id=138262;from=home
and https://www.xing.com/app/events?op=detail;id=138261;from=home

The club's homepage is http://www.toastmasters-strasbourg.org.
For flyer and more information contact Carsten at ck@kuckuk.com.

Best regards

Laurent J.V. Dubois Laurent J.V. Dubois Moderator

For helping your Club during this launching phase, I've informed the Alsacian Business Club.
Pascal GADEN, manager of this association transmit the invitation to 830 members of this local association. He will be with you during this next meeting. ( direct contact by im)

Perhaps could you use also the Craiglist, a free english advertising board.

And the local group https://www.xing.com/net/alsace/

Best Regards,

Götz Müller Götz Müller PremiumModerator

Re^2: new Toastmaster-Club in STRASBOURG: next meeting: Monday, Nov. 10, 8:15pm

Hello Toastmasters,

the Toastmasters Club in Strasbourg still meets and the next time on Monday 10th November (11th is bank holiday in F) in restaurant Le Sahara (Place des Halles) at 20:15.

If anybody wants to contact the club, I can provide that.

Best regards,

Goetz Mueller, ACB, ALB
Area F1 Governor 2008-09

Götz Müller Götz Müller PremiumModerator

Toastmaster-Club in STRASBOURG: next meeting: Tuesday, Dec. 9, 8:15pm

The english speaking Toastmasters Club in Strasbourg is looking for experienced and new members.

Venue: Restaurant Le Sahara, Rue du Marais Vert close to the shopping mall Place des Halles.

For further information please contact Maria Deutsch here in XING.

Best regards,
Goetz Mueller

Goetz Mueller, ACB, ALB
Area F1 Governor 2008-09