Tom Bouwens Tom Bouwens

Recruitment challenge

A person can be hired because of his/her professional performance during the interview and also if their resume is very inspiring. However, this is no indication of the usual performance of the person. Therefore the challenge lies in taking corrective steps in the recruitment stage itself.

A bad hire usually lacks discipline, productivity and ‘can do’ attitude. The interviewer needs to be alert and listening very carefully during the interview. The recruiter is able to check the competency of the applicant by asking more open ended questions to gauge his/her strengths and weaknesses. The competencies needed for the job/ role in the organization, are supposed to be mapped beforehand. Important is also to do independent checks, most referees are usually provided by the applicant himself!

Maybe you think: one bad hire cannot be that bad… well, studies have shown that the cost of a bad hire can range from one to five times of the annual salary. One bad hire can also affect the morale and confidence of the colleagues, teams and clients in certain areas, even the entire organization!