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"Why Do I Have to Fill Out an I-9 as an Independent Contractor? What is an ICA?'

FSR Questions: I received an email from a new registrant asking, "Why do I have to fill out an I-9 if I am filling out a W-9? Isn't that for permanent employees?" and "What is an ICA?" These are very good questions. I would like to note that I am responding only on behalf on Integrity Consultants in this instance. Though it is my understanding and personal experience as an Independent Contractor that this documentation is utilized by many providers in the industry, I can only attest to the procedures of Integrity Consultants and the reasoning behind them. All Independent Contractors are required by Integrity Consultants to sign an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) prior to their first assignment. The Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) is necessary for an Independent Contractor relationship with Integrity Consultants. It clearly defines the relationship and rights of both parties concerned and also details Policy and Procedure pertaining to a variety of issues, including payment protocol. The W-9 is required by Integrity Consultants for some projects and in cases where it is likely the Independent Contractor will earn more than $599 in a calendar year, as it facilitates submission of a 1099 Form. For some projects, but not all, an I-9 Form is required by our client for the purpose of identity verification and proof of eligibility to work as an Independent Contractor in the United States. Identity verification is typically an issue for assignments in which security is an issue and those where badges are required to identify the Independent Contractor in certain venues. These requirements, along with any other requirements applicable to a particular assignments will be clearly explained in postings and shop guidelines. As always, prior to acceptance of an assignment and commitment on the part of the Independent Contractor, he or she may decline or simply not request an assignment if he or she cannot or does not, for whatever reason, meet the client requirements for the assignment. No reason need be provided. Comments are welcome to this post, regarding documentation that you might use as a provider or questions that you might have as an Independent Contractor or other Professional. -Kelly Truelove