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Worry About the Iran Oil Sanctions or Benefit From It?

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Victoria Grey Victoria Grey

Yes, sure some countries can benefit from it, but do not forget that Iran is a significant UAE trading partner, with trade volume estimated at about 10 billion dollars a year, mostly imports from the Islamic republic. I would imagine that such sanction will have a negative impact for the whole region. Rgds, Vicki

Hadi Talebzade Hadi Talebzade PremiumModerator

As an Iranian I already feel the pressure of these sanction but what I have noticed so far is that some countries just get adapt themselves to the new condition. for example we have changed many of of raw material sources from Germany to Italy just because they have welcomed the new condition.

for sure UAE would also be benefited a lot from this condition but it seems that they are not willing to do that this time ... we should see what happens ..

with regards from Tehran,