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Exceptionel is specialized in exceptional and innovative products. We import- and export products for B2B & retail markets, and offer manufacturers new opportunities for business development. And are always looking for new inventions.


* Bill's watches is dedicated to design and create fun, original and interchangeable watches by offering one of the best market price/quality ratio. It meets a wide public and has successfully seduced it by its authenticity and style. Unisex, for all generations and colorful, the mindset and gathering of its collections unifies Bill's Technologies and creates a brand that breaks with the standards of the profession and unites a clientele looking for freshness, vitality and non-conformism.

* The Magic Heat Pack is like a sort of pouch that gets hot. Ideal for warming feet, hands, back, shoulders, etc. .. And ideal to relax. The perfect solution for moments of rest and relaxation! The Magic Heat Pack is made with great care. The best materials are used. As a result, long-term use and maximum safety is guaranteed. Available as classic and as electric. It has been leading this industry for 10 years already. We continue to innovate and to offer comfort and ease for our customers.

* The Press Art lemon squeezer is the revolution amongst lemon squeezers! No more sticky fingers and 50% savings on lemon use. It dazzles any table and can be sold to the guests, generating additional turnover. Engraving a logo makes it a unique gift. Made of co-polyester, thus virtually unbreakable and remains transparent as crystal.

* PicKtout, the only toothpicks available in credit card size. Available in personalized colors, with logo or name. Great amenity, give-away or for sale on the counter. Put it in your wallet and never leave home without it.

* The SR-standard and SR-wine are true examples of innovation!
They’re easy to use and ideal for large events or buffets, on ships or terraces. Serve 4 plates in one hand with the SR-standard. Serve 10 wine glasses, a (chilled) bottle of wine and garnish in one hand with the SR-wine. Very suitable for inexperienced staff, accelerates service and reduces walking distances to the kitchen & bar. Effective for cost reductions in the horeca.
Now also available: the SR-wine with LED lights. Change the light, change the ambiance!

* The orginal Ice bag® is original, functional and suitable for events, bars, restaurants and hotels, or as eye-catcher for parties. Also very suitable for the SR-wine.

* GlassY offers beautiful glasses made of one piece - thus without seams - and of lead-free Crystal, reducing the risk of breakage. The "cold separation process" makes them extremely resistant to breakage as well as the broad foot for extra stability on terraces.

* The Golf BOL ball brings an original communication support which can be used throughout the year, at golf events but also as a merchandising or promotional item. It offers a permanent presence of your business. It's the only product today proposing this universal support, effective in all areas throughout the world. This innovative ball, made in France, is of high quality and unique. It offers companies constant visibility for their brands or events. The diffusion of the message is unique. But also for derived products such as POS, merchandising, souvenirs, trophy’s, gifts, etc….

=> Specialties:
Exceptional products, Original products, New innovations, Business development, Import & worldwide export, Exclusive agent

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