About us

The Business philosophy is based on the migrant profile – which means, Life-Partners.com aims to provide IT Solutions, and allows clients to be “the center” of a continuing relationship – and to create value for all parties.

The historiy of Life-Partners A/S

As comprehensive market research identified no IT solutions that truly supported Life-partners vision to establish and operate innovate and holistic health centers as opposed to traditional fitness centers, The team from Life-partners realized and concluded that they had to develop there own solution.

Eventually, Life-partner conceived ideas about a new groundbreaking IT solution targeted towards the fitness and health industry that contains functionalities and work planning processes that were unheard of in the industry and would add value to a completely new level. Life-Partner’s basic vision was to create a business tool for marketers that would provide them with unprecedented opportunities to launch a strategic and customer oriented business approach enabling them to be responsive to genuine and individual customer needs.

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